Server is dead

This often means that you are trying to play from school/work where game ports has been blocked.

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im noot in a school I'm home

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because i'm at home and the servers reset and I haven't been able to play for 20 minutes


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Im at home, fast wifi, and it takes the server almost 1 hour for my game to load, keeps saying the servers are all dead, and when they arent, i only get 20 minutes andit says server is about to restart

I'm not at school or work, using the same rig as before but now it says servers are dead. What's the deal?

Doesn't say how to fix it


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There is no fix for this problem on this forum.

When I log in it says the same thing!

"Sorry, all servers are dead!" I was just playing this game this morning!!! >:,(

I am at home not at school or work.

Im at home with my own computer with no restrictions and it says the server is down all the time (every 30 mins)

I happened to be within my house when the error message came up. There's no explanation for why the site is not working while I am home. It would be nice if that was clarified.


it does not say how to help the problem

The first time I played this game it worked, but then tomorrow it kept repeating those 4 words All Servers Are Dead, and also I play this game at my house with my dell computer, I don't know why.

i am not at school/work

because there are no safty restriction on my computer and I'm at home!

The servers appear to die once in a while. Sometimes it's not on your end.


im at home and every day the server is dead

im not at school

and im not at work so...


Often! what about if it is not that problem. I am playing this from home and it is not working! I still don't know what to do!

it does not say how to help the problem

The server is dead due to database under maintenance?


Servers down?for?Other server down?
1 hours10 hours24 hours
Server down:12 hours24 hours1 day2 days

Try connecting to this server again or refresh this page

Regards - Wilds game

You can't connect to :D

Error: is overloaded


My server is not dead, but its ping is always very high. I can easily get stuck during play. My server is an AS service. Please repair it as soon as possible.