Daily quests - good way for keep players in game

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Hello everyone, I would like to present an idea that can help keep players in the game longer, and also add something cool, with the player would be more willing to return to the game, and have some tasks that will diversify the gameplay.

My idea is to add daily tasks that can really add to the game more fun for all players, and also players will have some quests, not only In addition to running and fighting with other players.

This should effectively encourage players to come back to the game.

In my idea, daily quests are divided into three categories with different difficulty levels to perform. For each quest the player receives reward in gold, and the harder the quest the player will perform, the higher the reward.

In order to do more difficult quests, first you have to finish easier.

The tasks to be done should be 7 in each category, giving a total of 21 tasks. 7 because tasks in each day of the week tasks should change. But you can also bet on randomness, and each day in the each category will be randomly selected quests.

The player has one day to perform all three daily quests, and if they fail in time, they will be reset and replaced by the next day's quests.

In the game, the task window should be in the lower right corner because it is not yet occupied and I think it is the perfect place to place the task window. 

Also when the player presses on the task window, it should decrease size, allowing the task to be expanded and decreased at any moment to view the progress and prevent a large part of the screen from being covered throughout the game.

I have prepared a visual example of how daily quests may look like in the game:

Amount of quests can be dozens, ranging from simple difficullty quests like killing a certain number of players, bringing a certain number of items to the magazine, medium difficulty like to kill three opponents in a row, or killing a certain number of opponents using special items and to the most difficult ones that should really be a task worthy of the highest awards.

Say what you think about this, and if you have some interesting ideas about the daily quests that might appear in particular categories, you can show them in comments .

Regards, Egzekutor



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I love the idea, but I think the maps need to be edited before this is added. We'll have to draw up some ideas for revised maps. Going back to the daily quests, like you said for the harder quests — earns the higher rewards. I really enjoy this method of thinking, you get what you worked for in a sense.  

I agree with maps. This is something what this game need. 

And yes,I really like when hard work is rewarded, and I think not only me :]

+1 for reasoning


+1 for utter gayness


This may be the best idea i've seen so far in userecho

Glad to hear. Thanks for support <3

get 10 total anahilation, get 10 arena fights even more dificult 10 wins, be the king for 15, 20 mins, 30 mins.

be the link 10 mins beging on no team, make 10  stage kills (ex, spikes, doors, void,etc...) kill 20 players with no using any potion, 10 knife/granades/mines kills.. win 2 or 3 soccer matchs, protect the bridge on melee for 20 minutes (really fun to do) conquest the fort for 30 minutes, get  20 members on tribe, get 40, get 60 get 100+, kill the current king 10 times, make 3 weapons killl (f button). kill 20 players without the use of any special. the numbers can change also more stuff xD

For that hard quests i think achievements can works better.


Maybe add Epic Daily Quests for making all 3 daily quests in a day? Something like "Kill 20 people with guillotine, spikes and sandpit.", "Get the flag and stay in the fort without gates and kill 30 people in castle. You can't lose the fort." or "Get Double Kill 8 times, Triple kill 6 times, Quad Kill 5 times and Total Annihilation 3 times. You cannot die.". I know, these quests are very hard, but maybe you get 3000 gold for making them?


i dont like the knife quests or any item kill quest i think they are the hardest but great idea anyway

i can see how it works i used to play tanki(i quit due to p2w) and they had these daily missions that got me addicted to the game even though i hate tanki

look, he is planning it

i hope its good :))))


Exclusive mission to kill me xD

I'am ready (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

discussion of boss fights was in other topic

Killing 8 people with knife would be pretty hard for most people

It should be a hard objective.


I think that the quests can be EASILY cheated because if you have friends they can die for you if the quest involves killing people.

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We will see what i can do :D

I love how we all agreed in unision(Im looking for a shaman anyone know wan?)

You can do this:


Kill the leader

Difficulty: Hard

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XD just go to as in desert and kill yourself to bot collect the bones and you kill the bot hehe.

the rewards shouldnt be equal

This idea is amazing, it's one of those ideas that make you say "Why didn't I say that?". +1 from me.

Good idea but I don't think kill 5 players in a row is "Hard".

Also for the task you should add a button for enable/ disable  the quest interface.

I like the idea because as you said it will keep players in the game for longer to get gold.

Why did you bump the post when its planned?

Thanks for bump xD 


But I do like this idea and I hope rez is working on it

realy good idea 

hope rez will include it in the next update

A Będą nagrody za Te Questy?

Oczywiście :p

This idea if you put it with this will be very easy to collect gold. http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3428-the-challenges/ ;D

Awesome Egzekutor ! , I've been waiting for this ~


Feature Complete

lol and i thought u said u had no sense of humor