Guys Iam Sorry (no downvotes pls)

BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 30

i went a bit too far (OK RLY FAR) from my last troll  and since the troll Train is heavily damaged by seal i sent a mini troll train to the troll land (kk it was just a jk) just made this post to say sorry to the whole community especially the following players:

Ruby Rose


Just a 22 yr old girl, and a Wilds.io Veteran ;p

Allies with the Sunlight Warriors crew ;v

 , Ukryty , kanguror And Seal 




is this for real?


im not sure if youre telling the truth...

If you're truly sorry,then I get it.I'll forgive you.+1

Yay Thank You! :D

Np,but you need to stop posting topics such as those.


watch yo' profanity _/(¤3¤)\_

(Seal is my brother in rl so the posts were very insulting ....)

how can I trust you when clearly I see you have too mutch fun posting deez trollz so...

Hey screw you,he was sorry,he apologized,give him another chance.






what does the L even mean ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)


wow a downvote :(

oh no a wild LLLLLL apeared!

No worry.I'll fix back your likes.

I didnt even vote .... somebody downvoted.....

I'll forgive you, but start making topics about a game ok? And thank you for keeping this forum alive. +1

i really wanted to taste sheep meat :'(

Troller's blood is strongly toxic so sheepy saved your life

I am also sorry for getting way too far on getting really pissed about you...

I am easily swayed by a simple apology note, and you did it.

Thank you, Sheep~ +1

Hes had enough chances. hes literary been BANNED. He shouldn't even BE HERE.

i respect your opinion not forcing anyone to forgive me 

See,man.That's even reason more to not be banned.

I've been thinking for a long time, was his jokes and trolls just a "test" for Rez and us if we would respond and cause unnecessary drama. Pretty sure that's still a good thing...right?

P.S: If anyone was wondering about my absence in the game, I was performing for a play lol (No one gives a shit)

people that are banned should stay banned
hes been spamming the forums and now hes giving an apology cuz hes worried hes going to get banned AGAIN
forum posts are supposed to be helpful and productive to the game. something he hasn't done ONCE on this account or the other

hes had a billion chances and its not testing rez in one bit cuz he hasnt been online to witness this

if rez had been on the forums to witness this chaos you wouldn't be seeing sheep here right now

iam NOT worried as i aisd u can never ban a hacker can u!

i just noticed my name is in the topic ;(