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Thanks for fun times with the game and the community!

Thanks especially to the people I talked with, played with, started things with, and to rezoner who let me start Training Camp and boosted it into something useful. Proud to say now that camp and its wonderful instructors, trainees, and advisors has over 480 training logs, ranging from 10 minutes to 1.5 hour sessions. Really proud of how much so many of the trainees have improved, and the visible change its made for some wilds players.

Always was a great game from beta onwards, surprised to see all the new cosmetics ad stuff, and the gamemode I only got to play for a couple minutes before it went empty :(

Although I probably should I dont regret any of the time I spent talking with the people I met here, thanks to everyone on discord.

I know most of you probably have never heard of me - but I just wanted to point out that the wilds community was a great place to be in (with some exceptions lol) and that we should appreciate all the kind people on this game.

- Thanks from Moms Spaghetti, not a tree hugger or a spaghetti god anymore, just an ex player

Thanks Moms Spaghetti! Farewell, and enjoy your stay with the ex-veterans!

~Ruby Rose, a Veteran (Who registered really late lmao)


stop braggin about being a "veteran", goddamn

;_;  Not necessarily bragging, but if your perceive it that way, I'll stop if that makes you happy, and some other people ;v

Ah, Fack. Another one gone.... Is he going to stay on the discord?

You know, I remember right before I got my account. Mom's spaghetti was teaching this guy in game how to register for one. I talked to him a little about registering myself. I was kili or something. Good times, good times.

Thank you too, mom's spaghetti


ty! i think i remember that too. i still check discord every week or so.

Now I have to think for reasons to thank Spag...

I once upvoted your post


Thank you Mom's Spaghetti: For upvoting my post and for helping me find a reason to thank you XD

I have seen Mom's Spaghetti  only ONCE in-game.

Same here.

2100th comment :P


   ᗒ ͟ʖᗕ

 im... bleeding...

 ლ( ̄﹏ ̄ლ)

...theres only one thing that cen save us.......




stop being dramatic, respect his time.

Why not? because you don't have a life and have nothing else to do but spend most of your day on the forum.

Get a life dude and stop bothering those who do.

Also being that annoying guy is nothing to be proud of.. nor does it make you less annoying when you say it 

yourself. For those who don't know, I'm referring to your bio.

I don't spend most of my day just on forum, you don't know what I am doing in every day except visiting this forum so don't think I'm a absolute no-life so I have to be on forum 24/7. My bio is a joke, so there are no reasons to be proud of being annoying guy. Oh wait, you just want to start new forum war, right?

I was the one who said not to bother Rezoner and stop being dramatic, you're the one who replied with "No". So whose starting a forum war? 

You, because you started to insult my lifestyle and my bio on this profile because I just wrote "No." since almost everyone is screaming because of his "leaving" this game, and you could think it's a joke before posting this stupid reply I replied what you replied to my reply to your reply to my reply to your reply.


Yeah? Well to hell with you guys. This is a post about how great wilds is and how cool the community was, and that mom's spaghetti felt the need to say thanks before quitting. And here you are shitting on it. Argue somewhere else.



Ferret's right. This argument is completely pointless and has no place here, especially not on a post like this. 


We heard his message, no one is taking a shit on it. He's leaving, everyone has to move on someday. I wish him luck and all, but when I tell someone to calm the fuck down and some other twat says "No" for no reason. I came to the conclusion that he does not have a life.

I am not the sentimental person, so I don't give a damn about those things anyway.

Mom's-spaghetti made good contributions to wilds, but I don't know him personally and whether he leaves or not is none of my business and neither is my argument have anything to do with him.

Keep that sentimental shit to yourself, stop accusing people and fuck off ferret cunt.





Come back.

rip wilds.io.....it was good...

no rip yet, everybody is being overdramatic about Rezoner's idleness

Mom, you better remember that it's me who started this.

I was the one that convinced you to create your account...

I've been a loyal spaghetti follower, for a relatively long amount of time. I recall telling you that if you even need something from me, I'll help you out with any of your ideas. I still will stay true to my word.

...And I'll still call you spaggy

I didn't really expect something like this after like your months of inactivity (in general), but ok.


Don't forget the power of pyo :l

I still remember that time when i used a throw weapon+roll attempt on you long ago and you were surprised in the old 1v1 arena.

oh i will never forget pyo remember the toru tribe is thriving

im still surprised by your moves :p

ya old coot

So what will be if i leave?


do not even fookin think bout it

Philosophy mode turned on

In short version if you will leave wilds.io, Rezoner will have no help in creating the game and people will start leaving this game even by your leave as a reason, updates will be once for a year and game will die.

Philosophy mode turned off

Wilds might die, probably because they will see one of the only developers leaving and the last grain of hope will fall. You might also be escaping a sinking ship and if possible join or start a new/different project that will hopefully not let all of your efforts go to waste (but I can't even find new things to play, nor do I have the time so I wouldn't even know where to start). 

If wilds.io were to die then all of your hard work would just disappear, personally I don't see much hope at this point. 

Mainly because of the lag, repetitiveness and the fact that it's a browser game that no Youtuber wants to play.

It really boils down to, do you wan't to leave and more importantly is there anything else that you can do instead if you do end up leaving. Sometimes I go back to playing games that are dead because I have nothing else to do.

I really like wilds.io but sometimes I feel like it's a waste of my time doing the same thing over and over, and when lags strikes I just don't even want to play anymore. 

I really hope this game will get back on it's feet, a fish that will leap over the gate and turn into a dragon or something like that. 


Mom's Spaghetti, you've been a great influence on this community since the beginning. It was people like you who made me want to get active on these forums and the discord. Thank you for always lightening stuff up - I remember when that random player named rezoner hacked to get 500 arena points(what a bad kid smh no shame).