Grass is ready - what next?

Egzekutor 6 years ago updated by TheLegion27 6 years ago 23

Hello, finally after long time, after my break and attack of wild ogre i finished working on grass for wilds. I hope this bring to wilds some life and make game more interresting. Also this can open for wilds so much ways for new updates.

I did make example of small village with new ground tile and you can saw it below:

Most important thing now is what Rezoner can do with it now. As always he can use it everywhere he want and have it for free. I'm curious what he is gonna do and also i thinking about editing some sprites for make it more suitable to new ground.


Grass can be used tomorrow or later, i'm only waiting for Rezoner response for share him real sprite (Don't forgot about your minion Rez xD)

Now also probably i start making sprites suitable to new ground and also another one thing about you will be know soon.

At the end i want thank you all for support which i have from you. This give me more energy for next projects and more possible incoming things for you. Also i want thank you Rezoner for chance you gave me, and possibility working with game. It mean for me so much and i want help much as i can, even if i spend for it my own time. This give me fun and satisfaction. And i never have more satisfaction when i see happy community ;] 

Regards, Egzekutor

i see what you mean with the change of color

Good job, i like it. After grass i want that you spend time with me for the winter map.

*winter on desert XD

Sand worms = Grass worms

Ogres can stay but yeti doesn't suit for grass, maybe a... dinosaur?

I think yeti most suit to winter, but who saw yeti on desert? XD At the end i think grass is better for yeti than sand. Not that hot for them :p

You know, Gobi Desert isn't that hot at all ;D


Looks beautiful,maybe add another texture that transitions between the grass and the sand so it isn't a straight line


I was thinking about it, and this will be really cool. This can give option to make two biomes on one map.

Looks great, but wouldn't fit the fort map. New map? :)

Who know :3 I really want make new map but i don’t have tool for it .-.

Well your dream is now really possible because if everything will be good i’m gonna be map creator in wilds :3

That grass is awesome egze, great work!

Great job, Egzekutor!

Pure awesomeness. Really, it's fantastic.

it'll spruce wilds.io up, for sure. good job!

we need leaves on trees

my soul is cheerily crying like a baby


Looks amazing. You've done so much work for the wilds.io community. Thank you man.