Some Halloween Ideas

Sgt Pain 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 17

As you all know, Halloween is near, and rezoner has asked us for some ideas for what he should do for Halloween (https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/4162-what-would-you-like-for-halloween). I came up with some ideas that I think would be cool for Halloween. 

  • People that do not have a hat equipped get a pumpkin hat or a skull hat! Getting a skull hat for free may sound OP, but you only have it while your in the ruins or the graveyard, it does not add it to your armory for free.
  • Pumpkin Hats, a Jack-o'-Lantern for a head! These hats cost 2400 gold.
  • Instead of goblins spawning in the ruins, shadows will!
  • The whole screen is darker then it usually is, like it is night time.
  • Instead of coins, it is chocolate coins! 
  • Instead of bones, it is candy! There are 3 types of candies you can collect: Chocolate Bars (Single Bones), Lollipops (Double Bones), and Gummy Bears (Triple Bones).

Hope you guys like these ideas!

Lookz gud!

i wonder what a Halloween in Poland looks like...


probably the same as it is everywhere else


the hat with fire inside of it sounds nice plus 1, the candy idea for bones and coins sounds good too, some pumpkins in the stage just cause, and yeah,at least the new "zombie" should be darker


Shadows instead of goblins xD nice. They shouldn't drop bones like they do now tho

The pumpkin hat and darkness also are great options

If they did drop bones that would lead to some major bone farms


ghost rider helm ;)

that would be way too cool

And why not a skeleton skin for shadows?

Or John Blaze's fire breath and chain.

But why tha priz for the jack'o lantern hat?!? The Christmas hat cost only 500 gold!!!

THE PRIZE! L-O-W-E-R! It must be lower!

add a sythe that is only avaible during halloween, there does not have to bee anything special to it maybe just same atacks as hammer but it would be fun to have collection items just like the christmas hat