Ideas For other types of sprite colors

Brai 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 38

Image 2245

Image 2246

Image 2244

i was gonna make some black and stuff but ill just left this here and run

The crusader/knight helmet would be great for another hat

ikr! i will try and make more, but i need ideas xD

Dang I like that helmet... I must have it.

But first rez has to add it :P


A golden shield?  I like it. We do need extra shield looks, and since we already have silver, gold could fit in.


Don't forget about diamond shield! :D

any idea on what to make next?

Umm... I told idea? DIAMOND SHIELD?

ok ill try

yeah i dont think i can make diamond shield

Maybe little more blue and white to shield. Gray additional if nothing goes to make this shield diamond.

Next step - recolor the sword. Diamond swords for everyone xD

NOOO! As much as i like the art work, we don't want this to become a rip-off of minecraft.

Love the middle pic.

like the cape +1

Good job. Helmet look nice ;]

i took a 3d picture... transformed it into a .png, complety destroy all color exept the more grey 1...  and the yellow one... re arranged all the stuff i needed to change.. draw on it and then make ayes transparent.... i cant draw but at least i can edit xD


Es mui buena idea me gustaria personaliza mi personaje i asi ser unico.

no es para personalizacion, es una idea para otra capa mas molona y un casco xD


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Ok?thanks for the info.

Paint Master XD


gimp! paitn its for moving the stuff, because i dont get how to do it on gimp ._.

GIMP Inkscape