New Cape

J4sh1n 2 years ago • updated by Ukryty 2 years ago 33

So, how this cape would look depends on your team. For brown (Bear) team, it would be a red cape with a brown bear face on it

If you are on gray (Wolves) team, it would be a silver cape with a blueish wolf face on it, like the color seen below

If you are on none team, it would be a black cape with a goldish badger face, as seen below

I understand this isn't the most important topic right now, and it could take a while to make, but tell me what you think below!

lol that would be cool if it was added

yeah, more capes would be nice. I feel like no one wears the barbarian cape, and just seeing red is getting kinda boring

I know several people who wear barbarian cape, and in this group you can found also me.

red color is like magnes for bulls, so prepare for bullshit.

i wear barbarian cape

Not to say,the awfull feeling and sound of badger chewing your anckles.

Man,it would also be cool to add cape simillar to this one.It would be cool to have cape with different shape,lenght and width.

Of course,it wouldn't be same color and it won't have wings on back,but something that suits more for wilds,but that's just my idea,nothing major.

Dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan.

This would be nice.   +1

Thanks man,Levi heichou is happy.

Levi he... what?

Captain/Lance corporal/First Lituenant/ Levi.You get it now?

Heichou means captain simply.

Levi heiochu... heiucho..hiechuo.. hiehcou... I can't say that correct :V

i think the team capes should replace the brown battered cape just my grain of salt

seal just stop with the anime

its making me feel weeby

So what if I watch anime,I just bring my own ideas which won't kill anyone.Do you think I disprove ya cuz' of your way of contributing to game?I don't bother ur' way,then you seal with it,ok?

theyre killing me

Why?You have trauma from some content or is your Vietnam flashback?

Oh damn,dat bump


also you can make shields with those simbols (they will change acording to your team too)

yea thats a good idea

thnx i would make a topic(dont worry i will give you cradit)

What symbols?

You mean wings displayed in the middle?

Nevermind :D

a cool looking black one and a blue one with yellow things at the end and we are good to go xD

Ehem you still didn't tell me why you put me in a video ages ago.

You are famous!