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Can we please bring Melee back?

Disguised 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 24

A tear rolls down my left cheek when I think about how much I miss melee..

Fort isn't a bad map and I'm not saying that it should be removed, but melee was the type of mode where you don't have archers and mages running away while shooting at you. People don't care too much about score since they will die in the next 30 seconds anyway.

The map also had a lot of spikes which was the perfect trolling mechanism, like throwing items into the spikes and when people go to pick it you throw them back in with a sword.

Or kick them off the bridge looking thing into the spikes.

People just hide in the fort or run away, I'm not saying they shouldn't, after all this is just a game.

But I really hate chasing after people and in the process have some noob take half your hp and then another kills you because you were so focused on trying to catch the guy.

Or the dude hides in the fort surrounded by 8 team mates who will form a little cluster around you and what happens next is just too painful to explain. 

Please thumbs up this thread if you want the melee map back.

and if you don't thumbs up anyway cause its just a button that does magic.

I miss it too but not many people played on it

Still melee was much more active than hell. Especially on desert map without hills .

Does that mean it has a chance to come back? Or at least give it a second try

bring all mode back pls rez pls... 



Thank you for all your support <3

Wait, what was the map Melee? I forget...

The mode in which u could only enter with melee weapons and grow collecting bones by killing others.

Also you have something against archers,disguised?!*draws an arrow and aims between your eyes*Huh?

I just don't like chasing them :P

I know,and it 's exeption for me

I'm not like those baby-dicks who run like loonatic

Jk man *undraws the arrow*

I +1 because i really really don't like archers.

Under review

S U R E :) I still don't have access to my PC but I should be done with my new flat on friday. 

Thank you! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

may i ask in wich why the mode will be back?

like all together / only melee / a round of all?

Seva stole your PC? Oh shit..

Not pc... House (._.)

i wish it will be the one with the bridge on it!  <3

Hey Rez, thanks for bringing it back, the current map doesn't seem too popular unfortunately :c

I do remember the flat map doing a better C:

though its probably other modes stealing the spotlight

(I made the font bigger to make it easier to find)