Custom soccer team

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i want to suggest a way of getting your team to play with you, not a blind thing like now,to see us waiting in queue already on our team and the other teams/team something like making a party and be able to decide who enters and who does not

, kind of like creating a server and give people the password or like a free server were you can decide if someone does not enter in your party. 

You can say  "then the people with teams will be dominating the game" but no
a lot of good player enter just to face 4 of the top players and get discouraged when they lose 
a bunch of times, but with this, they can in fact create a good team for them to defend themselves.
remember, not everybody knows about the match making thing, and also even if you take off the
match making thing in soccer, it wont solve the problem.

 with this we can work it out. it does not need to be this complicated

it can be just a "join team" or "create team" and see who is in said team,

but this is just my idea. thanks for your time

well what can i say cracking good post my man, a thumb up to you

mumbo-jumbo good sir

I don't know why but I think that this will lead to injustice. How do you decide who doesn't get on the team?

injustice? well if you at least have 1 or 2 friends, you wait until 1 person joins, even so, if you are making a team, another person can do the same a blind game can still be there if people want that.

Yeah its sounds perfect

I don´t play football but its a good idea


This can improve football matchmaking. 

well damn, not even a comment from rezoner... i guess this is this is as far as i can go.

Is perfect brai your idea is XD

no hables en ingles si no sabes ._.


Football matchmaking has been broken since around the time gold rewards got introduced. The balancing used to be that the top players who aren't in a matchmaking group would be balanced across both teams. The top player would go on one side, the second best on the other etc That had its problems too, I think good match-ups would've been 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th vs. 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th, but however it used to be, it was better than now cause there was actual balancing  . Now the top players without a group all end up on the same side and if there aren't any skilled players on the opposing side they get curb stomped. Also, don't know what causes it, maybe it has something to do with groups, but a lot of the time matches won't start even though there's more than 8 players in the queue.

What you're suggesting could work if getting into a queue meant getting into a lobby in which you could either start a team or pick an existing team and they would vote to accept or reject you. The vote would default to a "yes" after 20 seconds if the player was afk or waiting in game instead of lobby. There could be multiple teams, but no more than 4 players per one. When two 4 player teams would form they would get matched up.

well, that´s the basic idea. also yeah just 4v4, entering a lobby when you can reject or accept ones as capitan (the one wanting the team) or just join a team and get rejected yourself, this is debatible

Sooo.... What about noobs?

Noobs could apply to or start teams same as everyone else. It's not like there's an abundance of players waiting at any given moment, so skilled players would still accept noobs into teams to fill them out. Or if they get rejected they can just start their own.


Sure, the vote could only be up to the one who started the team instead of up to everyone already in it. It would still default to a "yes" after 20 seconds for anyone applying if the one who created it was waiting in game or is afk. Once you're in the team you can't get kicked out, but you can leave it.

This would be a process before every game, but all it would change is adding one more click after getting in queue to either start or enter a team. So: the game ends, you get in q again, there's already a team started there so you apply, the guy who started says says "yes" or "no" or it defaults to a "yes" if he doesn't respond in like 10 to 20 seconds, once you're in it's the same wait as it is now, either in lobby or in game. Once two 4 player teams get created they get matched up and it's game time.