New weapon idea: Boomerang

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Once in a russian year (polish men will understand) I have a idea. This year passed and I have new one. If you have some time, read this text.

I was reading on phone topics (It's sad I can't say anything via phone in this website) about straight arrows ("why you did it, rez" etc.) and new lordxalasa's idea. His idea about axe upgrade make I have a idea for a game. Many people was beloved in arrows what was moving with your mouse, so maybe we should have a new weapon - boomerang. Boomerang was used as a weapon in barbarians time too. This weapon could have more control of direction changing with mouse and always coming back after 5 secs of disarm (because boomerang is in air, logic is working) and after 2.5 secs of time to hit anyone you lose the control of boomerang and it comes back to you (don't try escaping). Its' damage could be 2.5, and it loses 0.5 damage per hit for every clone you have, to make this weapon balanced. Below the text there is image of boomerang if you doesn't know how this looks.

Image 1589 <- But maybe boomerang should be a bit smaller :D

Wait, you hate it? Why? You are hater? Explain what's wrong in my idea! "Hater's work is to hate EVERYTHING, and don't explain why." ~Ukryty, made in 2017 (All rights reserved. Copying, public performance or other use is strictly prohibited. Reproduction, distribution or exhibition is unauthorized for criminal penalties.).

Ukryty get back to the game im bored as fuck without ye bro :(

Seal wants you back in game,look Ukryty how he is sad :(

lol you used my axe boomrang ability idea

Maybe something like this?


Boomerang isn't looking like this.. *brings up scissors* I have to do this. XD

how about this?

piq - Wooden Boomerang | 100x100 pixel art by Sniper-Panda-Warrior

Yes, this is boomerang, make it smaller and we can send it to Rezoner :D

that looks cool but i think you searched  that up


this is a copy paste of the terraria boomerang. 


lol i was sure i saw this boomerang model somewhere. Now i remember good :D



dat bump tho

(sorry savage doge, I was faster)


What about boomerangs as a low damage, stackable pickup item?


I thought about it, but boomerang always comes back to you, shurikkens were planned as stackable, low damage items, but they will probably never come to game.

shurikens wouldn't fit...Cuz it's suppose to be a barbaric feal...

I think the same, it's barbaric times, nobody was thinking about people who is working as japanese killer in disguise.

umm...i just remembered..

We have staffs...

R.I.P  barbaric feal



Primitive humans believe shamans can make magic and humans to life long time, and childs don't die of no food they don't hunt animals.

(In polish it sounds a bit more primitive - I was going to say it in primitive but english is english and nothing can change it.)

PS. Primitive people got its' own shamans, dances etc. for help and they believed magic exists. If they for ex. didn't believe, word "magic" shouldn't exist. But what I know...

well we can't know...we weren't alive when the barbaric times were real....

So what's wrong with staffs in barbaric times game?

why do i suspect there were more staffs in barbaric times than axes. sure not magic ones but still. its fantasy barbaric so i cant see why not. besides it does suit the game.

I like this idea, but what about special attack? And when you throw bumerang this could back to you? Because this is bumerang and when you click F this should go back to player what is little game braking xD

XDD But at throwing boomerang what is basic attack you are disarmed for 5 secs and you have a movement bonus.. so F don't work for this weapon. It's special attack could be it's piercing even through shield and 0.5 more damage (3 dmg), but it's slower and cooldown 1 minute.

I think piercing dmg is little op. Also special attack should deal similar dmg as the rest of weapons specials for balance. Hymm maybe F throw can deal more dmg than normal attack, but this will not back to user?

I think it would fit best as a stackable pickup item (stackable to 3). When it comes back to you, it just breaks (gets used up). 


IT JUST BREAKS!? Are you f... Sorry, I got carried away with my fury. Boomerang can't just break because it came back to you. What about hitting boomerang with axe to break them in air?

well I made it break so you couldn't use it infinitely. Or you could have it not be stackable but usable 3 times, but then you would have to make it harder to aim, set a cool down and make it do less damage to prevent spam. 


But you throw only one boomerang, and after throwing you are unarmed for 5 secs (so you can have to punch if someone come to you). It's not spamming like ice staff!

Awaiting now for "Under review" XD

Great idea! I'm glad to come back to see new nice ideas!


Why Rez didn't read this :'(

Dat bump :x

Well, more average points for me. :D

ukryty i have some questions about this idea so i could have a full and solid oppinion about it

if you have time i like to now those things:

  • the boomerang throw will be like every weapon throw or it will be it special attack and it also have a normal throw(like other weapons) ?
  •  it would be the "normal" throw (presing f)?
  • if it will be the "normal" throw what would be it special?

thanx for your time :)


He already ansfered for this questions about F throw and special ability. Just scroll up to my longer comment.

ok tnx i didnt notice


Boomerang would make a better auto-homing item that can hit multiple targets in succession

it would be way to over powered

Old topic, but still have sense. Maybe Rezoner will finally notice this idea.

In my opinion Rez will do a weapons revision because a lot of players got bored with the actually weapons and they want a new one.

There is a lot of weapons idea but for me this is the best. +1

that bump tho

Man what if there was a way to accidentaly lose control on boomerang and he starts wandering free until it hits someone or something.Offcourse,that's not how that fricking works.

what about 2 dmg and haveing boomers as a 2 handed weapon? like u can throw the boomer 2 times in exchange for not having sheild. i think this weapon is a bit over-powered

If this weapon is OP, then I found a reason why this topic has 23 upvotes.

Wtf, 2.5 dmg throwable weapon will never come to the game, think bout balance boy. Its like, throwable hammer ;-;

It could be max 1.5, and after throwing, it comes back after 3 seconds, when you dont have boomerang in hand, you are forced to use fists. Also, if your boomerang hits someone, you get it back faster. But if you miss, it flies until it hits any obstacle or reaches maximum range.

Special will be throwing, glowing, big boomerang which will pierce obstacles and enemies, and deal normal boomerang dmg+0.5 and it will come back to you.

Deflecting boomerang using axe is super fun idea too, it should be like, shields, and axe attack can deflect boomerang, so axe players will have more features :)