Domination of the Fort

Phroenix 4 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 4 years ago 16

Hello, rezoner I would like to give you an idea about the strong, how many people from a single team dominate the fort, could have a flag for people to lift up with a certain time, on top of this idea at the time of having pulled the flag The Fort was dominated !, and when the fort has no one dominating, The Fort is neutral !, and when the dominant team of the fort is overthrown: The Fort has been overthrown!

Note: I thought of this idea very fast and I really liked it so it has no image or many words that describe this idea...

Sounds good It also sounds like Diep.io

Ew diep no


I like the idea tho, reminds me of Assassin's Creed when you take over a naval base


I'd enjoy it as a separate game-mode.

I imagine a new map with 3 or 5 forts of different shapes and sizes built into the terrain. At the beginning of each match, the two teams spawn on opposite sides of the map, and then fight for control of the forts over a given time period. For each fort controlled, a team gains points linearly with time.

What do you think?

da muy bien

I like it. This game need new mode like this, and i see we slowly going in this direction.

I think it's good

I didnt really play diep.io a lot but this looks like a good idea... Time for rezoner to see this...

What's this box?

What is this something on 1?

Same question but about 2?

Why I see there a cat?

Where is second treasure chest?

Why I see something red on that box?

Why I have so much questions?

Do I have to end this list of questions?

Do you answer me?

1.This is for storage items.



4.This is wolf

5. I think instead of chest now is fort.


Rest questions i think don't need my comment ;p


nice man rez completed your idea