Greek Fire Consumable

Axehelm 2 years ago • updated by Poke Hano 2 years ago 12

Okay, Rez, here is my pitch, GREEK FIRE.

I remember reading an article awhile back that was explaining how a piece of ancient Greek literature depicted a weapon that Greeks used to burn down ships at sea. The weapon was described being a liquid that caught fire and burned anything it touched, similar to gasoline. Since the wild men of Wilds.io haven't struck oil yet, Molotov cocktails are kinda out of the question, but maybe this magical Greek Fire can be a cool alternative?

The consumable I thought of is a sort of clay pot that contains Greek Fire which spreads a puddle of Greek fire on the ground when thrown covering a medium-sized area for maybe 15 to 30 seconds and setting anyone who comes into contact with it on fire. It can inflict maybe 1 unit of damage ever second for 3-4 seconds and cause your movement speed to increase. Also, a way to negate the damage a little could be to roll a few times.

Here is a CRUDE depiction:

(Why is it green you ask? Well - IT'S MAGIC FIRE, OKAY.)

Here is a depiction of me burning alive! D:

The thing I admire about this game is all the neat mechanics that some of the weapons and tools have that allow you to use someone else's weapon against them. (ig. Axe pound to

disable bomb, kick to reflect projectile).

So a cool mechanic for the Greek fire pot can be that it will set any projectile that passes through it on fire and will cause extra damage to any player the projectile hits by inflicting a small amount of burn damage for a small period of time. (smaller then actually contacting the Greek Fire puddle.)

1000 Degree knife!

Also, since the new spear will allow you to volt I think it would be cool if you can use the spear to jump over the puddle, just a little neat mechanic!

This new consumable would be a great way to deny a small area or route similar to a bomb's blast radius, but maybe with a smaller radius and longer duration. Due to its duration and animation it may be taxing for the game so I suggest that it can have a spawn chance rarer then the grenade, also preventing people from creating a massive mess of fire.

I know that we already of 2 throw able consumables and and one area denial tool but I think this might be a HOT way to spice things up!

Oh and I remember the dev mentioning how special types of consumables may be purchasable in the shop in the future so I think that this would be a fantastic addition if it is ever implemented!

Thanks for reading my suggestion, Axehelm out!

~All you need is an axe and a helm~


So you just want already existing grenades, but with fire? How many damage and fire effect damage per sec?

Maybe 0.5 damage? Well for 10 secs it would be enough...


Dont call it magic,its cursed inferno


Im going to be the next tyrian lannister, great suggestion

LOVE this idea, I would shorten the flat time to at most 10 seconds. Think how far you can get by sprinting for 10 seconds - there's no need for 30 seconds or longer. The green adds color to the game and I like the pot.

Where's that green color?! I see only yellow, yellow and yellow (and red). Wait, where's blue?


I have an idea: Why not Rezoner implement this but also implement water? So we can go to the water on fire to get rid of it?

idk Its kind of unoriginal but i like the concept