Make rivers

Urosthebest 3 years ago updated by sushisling3r 3 years ago 12

The rivers may give archers a bit of advantage but as archer is weaker now than ever i think its a good tmie to make rivers and brigdes.

As i played with archer so long befire the updates and lags which weaked the archer so much i think its a good idea to make him good again.

I think there should be some brudges but you have a possibility of crossing the river with swiming through or crossing the bridge...

Also i think kills should be back because this is so stressing when someone steals your kills...i know this is two ideas but it aint two...its one with one to bring back! When a player gets killed some player runs towards to pick up the bones and it sometimas can be very stressfull... Either bring back kills or do something about it ...

*steals your bones

Maybe points should be back...i liked it and you feel great just to have 1000 points after that it just goes better and better

Whats true? xD

Nah i was here a long time ago and some spammers unvoted on purpose i disrespect them bc of it

Yea archers dont have a chance unless they have alot of clones and shoot others,

And Seal will be pissed of if they debuff the archers

rivers will be good detail :))

damn that bump



for the rivers:

i can already imagine the orgy grouping up on the river bridge making it nearly impossible to cross even if we added spikes to the bridge there's probably going to archers spawn camping the bridge

i don't like the sound of swimming across rivers its just a chance for more bugs to spawn

steal killing:

i think you should automatically get one point but the rest of the bones are free to steal