Reason for banning Seva

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 3 years ago updated by Huntermaster 2 years ago 16
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ahhh my eyes

it's destroying my life !


wtf is fact you bump this post. Eyerage!


cagdas bumped this post no ifram

Ifram did too :D

You are seroius?

Stop bumping this post. It's VERY old and it doesn't need to be dug up again, like an ancient-yet-cursed artifact.


r u serious? i could come up with a more effective insult lol


Please ban Seva KSP. Please.


You aren't funny by the way.


RIP Seva you will be missed <3 I am your number one fan


Seva get your ass back on the forum you are the only normal person in here


Better cut back on those 'shrooms