Stamina issues & stamina potion idea

Tytanowy Janusz 6 years ago updated by Poke Hano 6 years ago 29

1) I have noticed that stamina is not filled back to 100% after respawn. I think that needs to be fixed :(

2) Since wand was introduced, all boxes in ruins are being destroyed mostly by greedy mages trying to recover stamina by eating these funny white orbs. I tried to play with wand, and I've find annoying that my stamina is depleted so quickly (one needs almost 2 full bars to kill someone!).

Also, there is no way for quick recover of stamina in the 3v3 arena.

Because of these issues, I propose to put stamina potion into game. It can be dropped from boxes/barrels or maybe also goblins. Single potion should replenish about a half stamina bar. I'm not sure about shortcut key, but 3 seems to be just fine.

Image 494


It's very good idea in my opinion, Good job bro.



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Nice idea m8

You may have my thumbs up

Rezoner add this pls the sprite is ready look!

I was thinking about this yesterday while i was making the lore,the sprite is cool!

It's not a sprite, just a simple representation how it may look like. Potions are animated, so whole spritesheet is required :)

Very well designed design! Although I still think that we should not improve the wizard class since in my point of view it is too OP

It's a magic submachine gun


Very well done, full support from The Vigilantes.


spritesheet ready:


lol, greaaat work broo

How do these wilds.io textures?


Google Chrome has such thing as "developer tools". Using that, I've downloaded all wilds.io sprites of consumables and recolored hp potion. Quite simple, took me about 5 minutes.

Thanks for the information is very useful! I'll go for that tool right now!

How did you acquire the hp sprite i have used it and NEVER been able to recover it Please send me the url or just tell me how to get it Thank you

and awesome good

good magic potion ice staff

i kill people with half a bar of stamina


1. Player has 16 hp.

2. Each wand projectile deals 2 dmg, so you need 8 of them to hit your target. In theory, because:

2.1. projectiles can be blocked or kicked

2.2. target is not steady, it's moving

2.3. hp pot in inventory is just additional 4 hp (so now you need 10 of projectiles to hit the target)

2.4. players frequently use armor (another additional 4-12 additional hp)

3. Full bar of stamina is enough for around 12-13 projectiles, Most of them won't hit the target, because of (2.1.) and (2.2.)

So, if you're so smart, go and kill someone who has full hp (16), hp pot (4) and full armor (12) with a wand. And half of stamina bar. Good luck.

My brother said that,not me,and i do realise it takes 1.5 bars of stamina atleast if the oponent has no armor or hp potion


Slots sprite:


make the stamina bar longer so it looks nicer

Fire potion as rez may possibly add water

Poison potion

Have any thoughts tyt?

Good start :)

You can try with some of these tutorials:


Actually, in Wilds, graphic is rather simplistic, there is almost no shading at all (some shades are even broken :D). Thus, this style is very easy to mimic.

Thanks tyt!