Make a physic for items.

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 2 years ago • updated by A R C A N I N E 1 year ago 6

I explain to Ukryty= I S A Y PHYSIC FOR KNIFE, HP AND RAGE POTIONS AND BOMBS. WHEN YOU THINK THAT FLYING ON THE GROUND KNIFE IS PHYSIC SORRY YOU ARE GUY WHO DONT KNOW WHAT THE PHYSIC. Ok enough butt hurt... I want to knifes bombs and potions dont flying on the ground, his will falling with fly off weapon physic. And when potion will crush on wall so hard his will explode. And physic for coins. When items weapons or coins will on the pit its will fall and you will cant pick up items and coins who is on the pit. END OF IDEA AND I HOPE YOU ALL UNDERSTOOD ME.


Then I will not be able to collect the spheres of life or some objects by jumping into the holes :(

╭( ◕﹏◕ )╮


Sorry but this is not press X to win XD