Under review


berserkerIL 3 years ago • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 9

I remamber that Rezoner once said he want to make Shurikans that act like knife but you will have 3 of them who deal 1 dmg point

is this idea is still on??


Hey guy you so so so bad in english ONE not ReMaMber=Remember And do you meen shurikens? sorry but my eys so so bleed...


My eyes bleed from this comment...

Under review

Yes the idea is still current. Basically I want to add secondary items to the shop - so you can choose what do you want to carry instead of knife - shurikens, grenades and so on

good idea, awesome

I want test this shurikens. I think good idea is small dmg (for example 1 dmg), but you can carry 2 or 3 shurikens at once.