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I dont like doors...

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 4 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 2 years ago 15

This green and brown doors transform Wilds.io in to the panic simulator=Players can just sitting in his *Houses* and dont fight, this is just... i dont know what i need to say... And again... some pacifists come and will say= *No doors is good, i dont like to fight i want to planting flowers and some like that* Ok you can dont delete doors but know i hate this doors... Maybe you can make classic wooden doors with opening animation... or make some when you want to go in enemie door you need to break open lock who is close in next time. END OF IDEA


:O Oh god... but you my BRO :)


Eh..... again pacifists come 2 bad votes...


Dude whats your user? On wilds tell me Then we will see whos the pacifist


Deal with it

Doors are my passion.

No, doors must be because there will be spawnkilling


But why Rezoner dont make small god mode when you spawn ?

Under review

This is not really how you use this meme :P

Just becuz you're an OG doesn't mean you can bump 200 old useless post.

.__. This is what I mean...

Any veteran gets away with a bump..