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Too busy with wanderers and my graphic card died :c I can play only using my tablet, and wanderers works nice on it.

This is main problem with chat filter. Each word must be added manually, and this is hard work because there is so much players from different countries. Best way is just command which give ability for mute user.

With wand you can make highest possible  dmg using special. You must freeze enemy, release one projectile and throw weapon. It’s 4 dmg (half of health). Everything what do you need is practice. Wand in right hands is really good weapon. Training and some practice is everything what do you need.

I agree. This map should be edited.

if all weapons need buff, this mean no one weapon need buff. Everyone weapon have good and bad sides. Buffing it, you only make all weapons too strong, and fights will end in 10 sec. At this moment only bow need nerf and there will be almost perfect balance between weapons.

Earlier there was no animation and sound for clash - now this work properly.

One more thing which i forgot to mention - clash mechanic also is repaired.

I'm one who all the time was watching this forum. Almost everyday. This is reason why this place will be better.

For your information: When this game die, you can say bay to wilds. This game is last chance for wilds, and when you say "Can't wait for this crap to die", basically you want also kill wilds...