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yea, and that's not happening. If anything, him hacking like that has renewed my love of

crashed now, known crash count: 3-4

For those of you who don't yet know, to play on mobile, use the left side of the screen to move (note: you will run and won't stop running until you run out of energy) and the right side of the screen to attack (tap for normal attack, long tap for a charged attack, swipe up to roll, swipe down to shield, swipe left to throw weapon (or right, I really can't remember as this move is quite useless on mobile), and swipe right to kick (or left, again I don't use this one much). You can't do anything associated with the keyboard like using items, jumping, or using special. Logging in can be quite complicated and may take a bit of time. 

Thats what would make it fun though.

Ok, I agree. NO MINECRAFT!!!! But, I do wish we could get a hunger games mode. That would be pretty cool.

Its been too long since I've played. Anyone know if Rezoner is still making updates to the game?

I'm good as well. I'm glad to see this community isn't as dead as I thought it was. There are still people here