I know it's been a while, but-

silverwolf362 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 3

Yes, I know it's been a long time, and for the most part, the wilds.io player base is completely dead. Nowadays, people just chill and kill orcs and stuff. But a problem has arisen. Shockingly, someone is hacking. They have a code that can crash the server whenever they choose, and they can mulitply (and control) several people all at once. (Imagine using 10 clones at once that don't ever disappear. I don't know the code, or why, but this guy is committed to killing the game (a little pointless, but still). Wilds.io was a beautiful game, and was huge for me. I started playing in like, 7th grade. I'm now a senior in High School. I love this game, and even if we aren't as active as we used to be, Wilds.io doesn't deserve to end like this. Please, don't.  

crashed now, known crash count: 3-4


never forgot this Game, but it's true that it died a long time ago, give me a bit of chills to see something related to this Game again

but i don't think there is something we can do

not at least rezoner comes back and do something 

yea, and that's not happening. If anything, him hacking like that has renewed my love of wilds.io