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Just because someone can beat you with a weapon doesn't make it OP John lmao, if I remember correctly when I used to play at your level you would love having me on your team. Why is it only OP if someone beats you with it but not if they're on your team??

I think you misunderstand what I mean... Sometimes it's easier to run+jump away from an attack than it is to use shield/dash, like when you've just used your shield, or when you're waiting for your dash to regen.

Have you played at high ranks in arena? You need to be able to run to move out of the way from special/dash/roll... The stamina usage is still unbalanced for bow, it doesn't even make sense when all other weapons take less stamina.

Stamina usage is still way too high, you've nerfed 2 things which make the bow weaker, but the stamina usage still makes it unusable. 

Everything other than the stamina usage seems fair, I think it should go back to its original value.

I've already said the majority of this in discord but I thought it might be worth posting here too. I mostly agree with Jaxc, although I disagree with his stance on the arrow speed.

Arrow speed:

  • The arrow speed being decreased doesn't make any sense at all. 
  • If you're worried about the fact that people can't block the arrow with the shield or deflect it with a kick then decrease the time that you have to wait before you can do a kick/shield action after the other.
  • If you were fighting someone in arena who was good at using kick/shield then it was very hard to time a shot between these actions to hit them anyway. Now it's going to be completely impossible, making the bow completely useless.

Stamina usage:

  • The stamina usage is excessive, why should every other weapon take half a block of stamina and the bow take two?
  • Before the update, it was already a difficult task to balance stamina usage (using run to dodge rolls/shield dash). All this does is make people using the bow hang back more, because it's now impossible to fight in close range.

Reload speed:

  • It's way too slow, consider looking at a timing in between the old speed value and the new speed value.

I don't personally think there's even a problem with the bow, most of the hate is just because people don't like losing and the average age of the players is probably quite low. If you're fighting in higher ranks it's definitely not an unfair advantage. 

I think you've tried to nerf the bow as a whole instead of actually adressing the problem. The main complaint from people is that the majority of bow users "run". Focus on trying to fix that aspect, which by the way, isn't just a problem with bow users but with every weapon (lots of players run away waiting for their special attack to replenish) - it's just that the bow is  more effective to use when running away. 

All in all, the update is pretty bad. It's really biased against bow users, and I think it would have been a good idea to talk to people who actually use the bow to see what they think is unfair about it and talking to people who don't use the bow to see their side of things before making the update. Maybe even polling the ideas before doing the update... 

Definitely look at only changing one thing at a time next time, if you edit 3 aspects how are you going to know which one is actually effective? 

Please consider addressing these problems in a quicker time frame than 7 days.