Bugs - Mountain Walls in CTF Map and Ruins Map

Vykrad 7 years ago updated by Urosthebest 7 years ago 6

I found some bugs on the CTF map and the Ruins map.

There's one corner in CTF where you can "climb" up the mountain wall, and get out of the map.

Image 780

This is the southwest corner of the map, farthest away from the middle. I found out this because when I played CTF, I noticed our team's flag was really far west, outside the map. That's when I realized that you can climb up and down the walls at the spot where I have put a red circle.

Here's a picture of me on the mountain.

Image 782

The similar bugs in Ruins aren't as important as the bug in CTF.

Image 781

This is somewhat far northeast of the map, by a spawn area for the Gray Team.
The two spots where I have put red circles are areas where you can climb up and down the mountain walls. I don't think this is intentional so I brought this along the CTF bug! =)


that not a bug

thats really helpful


No when players use this glitch for put the flag away and destroy the fun.

never though of that

C'mon It is fun to run far away for some time)

You just bumped this


I don't know why Rez made the CTF map so huge. If he brings down the boarders of the map significantly, even if there is a hole in the wall, people could still easily retrieve it, but no, you have to walk for about two minutes to get to the edge of the map. lol