Your comments

Berserker (and the other future characters) should be better than grunt, and only available if you donate. This dude needs money to improve the game. People interested in the game want to win, then if they "buy" the berserker, they get their objective thanks to the advantage and the creator can keep improving the game thanks to the money. Don't nerf Berserker.

With the old blocking system you had more tactics.

I don't think blocking system was OP, yeah, you could defend yourself with ease from a group of enemies. But enemies COULD ALSO BLOCK. In some fights, I fought with people who spammed blocking like me, and the fight was totally fair, because it forced you to attack the other at some time. You could also be killed even if you were spamming blocking. Now you can only spam attacks like a noob. It's only about luck and who has the most health.

Please I want the old blocking system. I don't mind if you want to change the "whirlwind" skill again.

I don't pretend to offend, but this game has turned into shit since you nerfed the blocking system. Anyone with no skill in the game can kill you now with ease. I really like this game, but now I'm disappointed