Your comments

I find it choppier plus no ground textures. Just make it in unity like normal people :-D

Alternatively try Turbulenz, it's awesome for complex games.

Sava isn't good though, he got those points using stacking against noobs. I've done quite well with procrastination so far!

Fair point, it will affect a variety of scenarios. I know what you mean about grouping, I grouped with hohoho to take down the 4 players that grouped. If will see if I can find time to code a game, but I must work on my PhD. To be honest I will probably even have to give up wilds for a while to focus on my PhD.

I say some extent because it's very hard to have balance in any teams, especially when I am playing. I am just too experienced at sports. Really you should be asking me to be banned instead ;-)

Even against a very strong team, I can still win easily provided there is no afk or total noobs. You wouldn't expect this match to be 3-0 with TMK stacking the teams, right? 

I agree to some extent, but the only way there would be decent balancing is when there are lots of good players, which won't happen unless there is a massive userbase increase. The biggest thing holding that back, is when we get lots of players, the game starts to lag. People hate lag more than anything else. An unplayable game is something that will make people quit a game. There is a huge amount that needs doing on, development is way too slow. This game has lots of potential but I believe it will never be fulfilled. Rez lacks the vision/coding abilities to make it happen.

This is still a problem, someone went on the account and it got bumped to 5808 but didn't go any further. Plus this shows just one login moved 5927->5808 which is more than 1%

What if the items gave a disadvantage to players but they were forced to use them. So that higher players get a handicap and it balances the game?

Yeah that would be nice, or an icon next to the player name.

What if the items were mode specific with certain powers? E.g. shorts and t-shirt for football and you kick further etc.

If anyone needs help doing the quest, just ask me.