Achievements (detailed with picture and rewards)

Mr Soccer aka Virtuoso 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 23

I know this idea has been posted before (credits at end), but I wanted to create it in a lot more detail, with some ideas for rewards etc.

These achievements are different from the quests in that they are made over time, sometimes a very long time, but they have cool rewards like new items, lots of gold, or even paint dyes to colour the armor etc.

Image 2307

There are different difficulties, for example, in arena, there is a big difference between just winning a match and winning flawlessly (without losing any life).

Lots of other people put this idea before and I am not here to steal from them, just to add value.

Here are the other people that posted:






Images taken from opengameart.org (I can't draw)

i mean, i had a post about achievements, but i titled it "titles" so whatever


"Prize: Katana" "Prize:T-shirt" "...Shorts" "Red paint" "Gold helmet" "Gold chest" fuck your rewards >.<

What reward would you want? A flying unicorn?


one with rainbow farts please

Only gold is here true prize for achievements. Rez can need many time to make Katana, gold helmet and chest, and other prizes I pointed here. Also your prizes of gold are too high and too low. Winning flawlessly can be really easy to make and for doing it 5 times you get 10000 gold...? It should be 1000 gold. But those golden chest and helmet, T-shirt etc.... no.

I will pay for an artist to make them, how about that? ;-)

The more challenging achievement it gets,the higher amount of gold should be recieved.

Yes, these were just examples, not the finished article.

If these were examples, then my heart started working back.

Your pacemaker stopped?!

You never had a heart.

I know.Too bad,huh?

A wise man once said, better to be the fish than to be the tortoise.

like the idea of achivmants dont like your revards

revards should be gold (maybe one special hat/shield/cape but not more and not now)


What if the items were mode specific with certain powers? E.g. shorts and t-shirt for football and you kick further etc.


NO!!! NOOOO!!!! This will give advantage to many players, this game must be balanced!!

What if the items gave a disadvantage to players but they were forced to use them. So that higher players get a handicap and it balances the game?


Game will be screwed with superpower intakes.


what about a pin/symbol/medal in the player profile as an reward(beside the money and when/if the profiles will be in the game)

Yeah that would be nice, or an icon next to the player name.

Yea,an actuall proof that player gained it.