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but the roll infinte...

I believe the infinite run is more balanced than you think. It leaves you very vulnerable, as you can literally do no offensive or defensive maneuvers in midair. When you are chasing someone down, your only real option is to try and corner them, and as everyone has the same speed and stamina anyway. I have used this tactic many a time on someone using infinite run. I agree that this does not belong in the arena, so maybe remove the long jump there, it's only useful for the infinite in the arena.

Also, the knockdown infinite ( not just roll, works after shockwave, hitting wall, etc.) would not be fixed by a roll-kick combo, as skilled players will be able to deal more than 2 damage almost always. However, the get up manually would be an excellent fix, getting the infinite stun would be more of a mindgame than an easy exploit. The window doesn't need to be too big, just enough that landing another stun would be hard, but no impossible. I was thinking around 3-4 seconds.

The dash only ground thing may seem cool, but the truth is it would essentially erase all utility of shockwave besides stalling. It's bad enough people can buffer shield, roll, kick, and attack, erasing all guaranteed options, but this would make knocking people down nearly impossible to follow up on. The roll-kick idea would work well if you add manual get up, especially if players are impervious for a few frames when getting up, adding a simple, but interesting mindgame when someone is knocked down. For the one who knocked the other down: Do I roll, and try to predict their getup, or do I kick them, and risk them predicting and getting up? For the one who got knocked down: do I get up when I think they will kick, or stay down until they roll and risk getting kicked? It adds an interesting mechanic that favors the one still standing, as it should be.

It's good in 1v1s, but not really in team fights in my opinion. Cooldown system is clunky, should just take up a chunk or 2 chunks of stamina as someone else mentioned. However, it seems it is triggered by 1 WASD key being pressed twice in a period of time, not necessarily consecutively. Because of this, moving back and forth rapidly always triggers dash, and it ruins the technique I use to pych my opponent(s) out. Please fix this.