long jump infinite run problem and a few other bugs

achillesRising (aR) 2 years ago • updated by tushar koteshwar 2 years ago 1

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, Rez, but you can effectively travel 10% faster that run speed inexhaustibly by holding MOUSE2 and a WASD key to run, then tap space to jump, then when you land, wait for just a quarter-second to start running again, then jump again, and so on and so forth forever. This works because while you are in the air, you spend enough time "not running" to regain a chunk of stamina, which is actually much more than you need while you are on the ground in this cycle. This makes the whole "chasing down and securing kills for your squad (ik I try way too hard)" ordeal a really annoying chore, and it undermines the intended function of the stamina system. Plz Fix.

You've probably heard of the one where if you roll into an opponent sometimes, they don't get invincibility frames and they insta-die as you do one damage every game tick. This is annoying in casual, but maddening in arena, and has cost me 25% of my points more than once. Plz fix.

This isn't really a bug, but it's been a complaint and a problem since the alpha. When you get knocked down, you are momentarily impervious to damage. But, as you get up, there is a tiny window where your invincibility frames run out but you are still locked in the "getting up" animation and are unable to react. This, combined with the fact that you slow down when you roll against a fallen character and thus prolong contact, makes this form of stun-locking possible where people will just roll back and forth over you until you die. The worst example I've seen was when a teammate in Desert (a few days ago) had full health and three armor points and was rolled all the way down to zero. Plz fix.

Again, not a bug, but I've asked twice already and though it might be a challenge to implement (as you'll have to generate orientation-specific hitboxes on the character instead of giving them an "impervious to ____" condition), PLEASE change the way blocking works to allow successful attacks from behind! It will add so much to the game, being able to dash behind adversaries in a 1v1, running up to ambush an engaged opponent in a group-fight situation, and getting dagger kills on a defensive enemy from behind. Plz...add?

This might be a bug, but you can still dash while stunned, and in some cases, you can still dash while knocked down. I think this is really coll, and should be kept in the game, but if you make it so people can always dash while knocked down (maybe add a rolling out of the way animation), you may as well add another mechanic: (SUGGESTION TIME!!!) PLZ make it so that you can use Kick on a fallen enemy, dealing one damage and launching them a little ways off, but on their feet. This would add a really cool roll-kick combo, and would partially fix the stunlocking issue, as people are inclined to kick their opponents beck up rather than roll them over again and again. IF YOU DO THIS, DEFINITELY make it so getting up is a manual action instead of an automatic one. This would further fix the stunlocking problem, as players can just stay down until their opponent has passed them with the roll. however, ONLY add the manual get up thing if you add the kick thing, and ONLY add the kick thing if you add the dash on the ground thing, and ONLY add the dash on the ground thing if you FIX DASHING SO THAT IT USES STAMINA INSTEAD OF HAVING A CLUNKY-ASS COOLDOWN MECH! Just make it use 25% of stamina bar, and make it a 2-second cooldown. Plz consider.


I believe the infinite run is more balanced than you think. It leaves you very vulnerable, as you can literally do no offensive or defensive maneuvers in midair. When you are chasing someone down, your only real option is to try and corner them, and as everyone has the same speed and stamina anyway. I have used this tactic many a time on someone using infinite run. I agree that this does not belong in the arena, so maybe remove the long jump there, it's only useful for the infinite in the arena.

Also, the knockdown infinite ( not just roll, works after shockwave, hitting wall, etc.) would not be fixed by a roll-kick combo, as skilled players will be able to deal more than 2 damage almost always. However, the get up manually would be an excellent fix, getting the infinite stun would be more of a mindgame than an easy exploit. The window doesn't need to be too big, just enough that landing another stun would be hard, but no impossible. I was thinking around 3-4 seconds.

The dash only ground thing may seem cool, but the truth is it would essentially erase all utility of shockwave besides stalling. It's bad enough people can buffer shield, roll, kick, and attack, erasing all guaranteed options, but this would make knocking people down nearly impossible to follow up on. The roll-kick idea would work well if you add manual get up, especially if players are impervious for a few frames when getting up, adding a simple, but interesting mindgame when someone is knocked down. For the one who knocked the other down: Do I roll, and try to predict their getup, or do I kick them, and risk them predicting and getting up? For the one who got knocked down: do I get up when I think they will kick, or stay down until they roll and risk getting kicked? It adds an interesting mechanic that favors the one still standing, as it should be.