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I am having the same issue. i got connection error, after refresh bugg popped up, I have also restarted pc and browse

didnt get any screen shots, but brutal football has been allowing scores from behind the goal. and giving points to enemy when my team mates kick the ball into our goal. which was not happening the other day.

game keeps freezing

Image 91

everytime i would click something the red text would repeat

i dont ever experience this issue.

i now notice that the position of the flag, to the left of the character screen, signifies your level progress. numbers would be great though.

no, no, no. The game is fun becuase it is a simple hack and slash game, don't make it more complicated

Skins are lame, and would make telling what team people are on

'More game modes' great suggestion, that helps alot, lmao. what kind of game modes?

I experience the same thing. i am on a team with all level 1 players and the other team has lvl 150, lvl 16, and lvl 21 patreons. the game is over in 2 mins when it took 12 mins to gather teams...