Helpful bugs reporting

How do I report bugs and errors so the developer can repair them?

1) First of all - please use english - so I can understand your problem.

2) If it's an error - as in - the game is black, you can't move, you can't click something.... Provide me with a screenshot of a developer console so I can tell where the error is.

To open developer console press F12 and select console tab. Make a screenshot and attach it to your post. Thank you.

Image 24

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You can open multiple taps and join the football mode :/

With this method you can easily rank up.


That was evil of you.
Had to fix it immediatelly


Sorry new how do I attach it


Whoa dude I gotta try this!

Is this sufficient? I see no errors what so ever. What is this?

I tried to refresh the page, but the black screen is always there. Help please. I want to play some more


Nevermind. I see errors now. The list keeps going too. No joke. I'm serious.


Please fix this as soon as possible.

This is very strange!

This has happened to me to. What kind of device do you use though?

game keeps freezing

Image 91

everytime i would click something the red text would repeat


didnt get any screen shots, but brutal football has been allowing scores from behind the goal. and giving points to enemy when my team mates kick the ball into our goal. which was not happening the other day.


I use a Chromebook powered by Google and get notified for every update. I have received an update recently. I just wanted to say that me and a lot of friends can not play at all because the movement is glitchy with our devices and we can not do anything else but click and very slowly move. I really do see a lot of potential in this game and it would be fulfilled if every one can play regardless of Facebook or no Facebook.


Could you type that in address bar, hit enter and make a screenshot for me?


Sometimes the character keeps walking to a random direction and I can still attack but can't control the direction.

I thought it was my keyboard but I played the game on my laptop and it happened again, it doesn't happen so often but when it does gets a little annoying and I really love this game !!!


Its just stuck at this for me, it doesnt opent he game :/

am I not meeting some requirements?

wrong website it not


Every time i clique to fight the game be like that :'(


Windows XP, wow :O No idea what's going on :V


I Dont Know :/

Oh my God. Ive been trying to figure out how to post ideas\bugs here HOW DO I DO IT. HOW DO I POST.


Where do i type my idea?


Why does my younger brother have to get on and type something everywhere...


The roll (mouse scroll up) doesn't avoid damage even though it says it should

This library may be freely distributed under the MIT license. Does this mean telling how to insert a screenshot is illegal?

A S D W keys don't work for going (but work for a dash), mouse doesn't control hero facing after the last update. Also a gray pants are rendered on the brown hero


When I tried to log in with Patreon, the Wilds tab gained a dark shade and wouldn't let me play. For some reason it wouldn't let me insert an image, so the console says: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (it says that 3 times)

That problem occured again, but with out exception onWindowMessage


Throwing your weapon doesnt effect somebody using the special attack of the hammer. Died because of this like 5 times. Sadly cant get a screenshot.


there is a cheat where you can go to a worm/sarlacc and die by them, and you drop coins but don't lose the coins and you can go to the spot where you died and pick the coins up again and you will have more coins. this works for falling out of the world and the crusher doors too. although it is a slow cheat and takes a while to get anything, but using it i got to my daily limit in 15 min only! this can be used in friends playing too or multiboxing.


did'nt get video of the cheat tho



1) after few seconds of playing move control is lost like before.

2) in arena 3vs3 shield points are saved after respawn

3) in arena 3vs3 after i had killed last enemy i jumped in the hole and in the next round i was spawned DEAD

4) in arena 3vs3 activated mines are saved between rounds, so someone can be killed on a spawn


now you dont respawn dead, you respawn ivisible..


Why cant i block hits in arena?


A guy walks up spamming hits and im blocking, but hes not stunned.

that "room" is out of playable zone


how to post anything on this server

This bug is dealbreaking to me, I cannot play for more than 5 minutes without my game freezing.

No mute button.Please help!


i am in mobile device

Random freezing where i cant move, only reloading fixes it.

Image 811

Freezing up in Chrome as well.

Image 812


1) In the practice map your clones are attackable by you.

2) May you make clones to face at cursor for melee players.

3) If you use a prize box your clones don't change their type. So you can have melee and ranged weapon at the same time.


4) if you and the enemy use a rope at the same time...


In mode "1 vs 1" if someone cry out, this voice is in the arena and no stop!

its all i'm have...HELP!!!

I can't give you a screenshot, but I can describe it.I use google. When I get 1 money after that I cant get money.


hi, when i kick and the same time i jump it bugs and made me more fast. Pls check this out.


For some reason I was farming and can no longer pickup coins, I pick them up but I dont get anything


wont work sometimes the screen will go black and back but rarely it will get to the main menu but for only a split second

my game is most recent and is unique wach


it continues to flash on and off


plz fix i need to ply game addicting 


I have a major problem

I can't join the arena

it is just full 2 players but unfortunately, I can't enter the arena mode

plz reply my massage as soon as possible