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1. I complain about spliting small player pool to "rooms". Check screenshoot where lobby states there are 6 players in Desert EU, but they are in 2 rooms: 4 player in EU1 and 2 players (or 1 player+bot) in EU2.

2. When there are 6 players and 2-3 decided to leave then "room" can be closed ("it was nearly empty") even if there is no other room with players.

3. Add some bots if there are less than 8(?) people so map isn't empty.

4. Matchmaking in arena sucks, use ELO/MMR matchmaking from other games (chess/LoL/Dota), make ranking point system flater (now differences between first places are huge and it's very hard to find opponent).

5. Add queue to multiple server (for example I want to queue in EU or US, I don't care which one).

6. Please give me a choice what I do during queue (ruins/desert/stay in lobby).

Generally I do like changes made to game (additional maps, potion from killed people, weapons/clothes, gold to farm and gold cap to make people play everyday).

Piekny timing, wyskoczył również drugi problem czyli... Pomimo online = 6 osób na EU1 dodało mnie do EU2. :D

Ok screen sprzed momentu

Grało z 5-6 osób, 3 postanowiły wyjść i pokój na EU został zamknięty...

Chwilę po zamknięciu (ja siedziałem w lobby), widziałem że na EU znowu jest 5 osób (w tym momencie 4). Zamiast zamykać serwer dopełnij do np. 8 osób botami i niech się ludzie bawią.

Armor się nie resetuje po skończonej rundzie w football.

Jak piszesz na chacie w temp game i przenosi do football, to pozsotaje okienko chatu i ogólnie jest zbugowane wsio.

BTW it would be "fixed" by changing where player spawn:

It would indirect counter zerk's speed.

He is fast, but he can't fight. If there is anyone defending goal he shouldn't score.

If someone is average (50% winrate) he will have 0 MMR.

If someone is bad (30% winrate) he will have... 0 MMR.

If someone sucks (10% winrate) he has 0 MMR...

There has to be negative MMR to see difference between average and very bad player.

You have MMR and EXP. Now MMR = EXP, they are redundant. In many other games:

MMR = skill

EXP = how much you play

MMR is used to place you in ladder/leagues and to give you matches with players on similar skill level.

EXP is used for showing "who plays a lot" and give rewards like cosmetics or to unlock heroes.

You can give xp rewards for:

+30 xp for playing ranked game

+20 xp for winning ranked game

+10 xp for playing in tribe

+25 xp for anihilation

+10 xp for quad kill

+5 xp for triple kill

+2 xp for double kill

+1 xp for each kill

+10 xp for goal

+50xp for first win each day

+1xp for 300 score gained

-20xp for leaving ranked game


Obviously numbers are pulled out of my head.

For example:

- if you have 100+ xp, you can play football.

- if you have 1000+ xp, you can choose you hair color

- if you have 2500+ xp, you can create guild

- if you have...

People should gain anything for playing. Xp and levels are always nice even if it doesn't mean much.

When it comes to MMR you should implement some ELO system so teams are more balanced. Now people gain static +10/-10. I queue with friend (hohoho 60+ lvl, me 40+ lvl) and we still gain +10 MMR. Our oppponents (mostly level 1) lose 10 MMR! If you have two teams where one is:

60, 40, 4, 1, 1 vs 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Then first team should get +3 MMR for winning, -17 MMR for losing (again random numbers, just google ELO systems for better results)

And obviously teams should get balanced as much as possible before game. If there are (60, 40), 5, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 in lobby then you should make teams

(60, 40), 1, 1, 1 vs 5, 4, 1, 1, 1

But there is problem... I play with my friend and we have 80%+ winrate. So after match we gain +10, 3 other players gain +10, and 5 players lose -50. In total 20 MMR goes to us and we drain this 20 MMR from other players. In longterm we get levels when the rest of players will slowly get MMR taken away. After while we end up with players:

70, 50, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

And matchmaking can't work. There are bunch of players who know how to play but they can't get pass level 5 and many of them have level 1 after playing few games against us... It need to get fixed.

And please check if there is no Tribe limit per queue set on 3 or something like this. We played as 4 man tribe and twice our man appeared in opponennt team.

Duels would be won by person who camped pedestals more, it's not good for game.