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It's not reverted. Stamina is better but draw speed & arrow speed are still super slow.

Definitely a good start.  It does seem a tad choppy from time to time, but besides that it does feel smoother and faster.

This, exactly. I've seen the number of archers drop to nearly zero.  It's super uncommon to see an archer now.  I've started using a sword myself.

Prior to the update, the number of archers in fort was already comparatively low.  I think that demonstrates that it's already a difficult weapon to use, but with this update it's just not worth even trying.

It seems to be working now!

I'm finally able to login with Patreon again. :)

"That opens them up to being stunned" - I'm assuming you mean by a shield block.  If an archer does block a stun a melee attack, they'll be able to get one arrow in pre-nerf, two if the timing is really good and they're really lucky.  Or one bow swing in.  Archers simply do not have the ability to "punish" someone, i.e., unleash a barrage of heavy damage.

There was stamina drain on the old bow.  If you were running a lot you couldn't shoot.  And the pressure that can be put on the archer is by getting in close, by kicking arrows back.

It may be harder to fight an archer long distance, but in close quarters there's almost no competition, the archer doesn't stand a chance.  That's the tradeoff.

Couldn't edit my comment so adding a little more here.

- arrows are much slower now so now it's much easier to just move out of the way.

An archer's options for avoiding melee: keep your distance.  If melee gets close to an archer, it's game over unless the archer manages to knock the opponent over or disarm them and run to create distance.  But oh, you've already consumed all of your stamina by trying to use your weapon, so you die.

If arrows are going to be nerfed this much, at least increase the attack speed and or damage of the bow in melee, so we can stand somewhat of a chance when melee gets close, as they inevitably will with this update.

And yet another point - melee can swing non-stop and not use any stamina, and a a much faster rate than either firing or swinging a bow, even prior to this nerf.  Each bow shot (which is the archer's most used attack) costs stamina, is at a much slower rate, and has less damage, compared to melee attacks.  An archer simply does not have the capacity to execute the amount of damage and speed that melee can.  Melee also has area damage - you can damage multiple opponents with one normal swing, and even much more with special.  An arrow can hit only one target.  Only the  bow special has the capability to damage multiple opponents, and that's only if they are very precisely aligned.

Here are some strategies for avoiding archers:

- use obstacles

- use shield to block arrows

- kick arrows (even special) back. Kick has no effect on melee specials. Also, you cannot redirect melee attack damage back on opponent like you can with archer.

- dash/jump evasively

- most melee specials will make you invulnerable and get you in close range to an archer so you can attack

If this nerf is going to be permanent, at least increase the melee attack damage to be comparable to an axe or something.

Just now tried it with the rebalancing and reduced stamina drain. The bow is still unusable.

All of the complaints about the bow being overpowered are bullshit.  Most people just don't care to figure out how to fight a good archer.  You have to be fast, you have to get in an archer's face, and just start smacking the hell out of them.  I usually do pretty well with the bow, but I come across melee fighters often who give me a hard time and even beat me.

With this update, stamina drain means you can't shoot and move effectively, which is absolutely critical to the archer class.  An archer is nearly useless in close combat.  The swing speed of the bow is maybe 1/3 or 1/4 the speed of a hammer/sword/axe swing, and does less damage than any other melee weapon.  Even a well-placed arrow does less damage than a hit from a melee weapon.

Think about specials. Claws, swords, and hammers let the player be invulnerable for just a split second. Archers don't get any benefit of invulnerability.  They have to hope they aim their special the correct direction to try to deter a pursuer.

I believe the bow was already nerfed prior to this update, and was challenging to use.  Having a bow did not guarantee a win.  I often see archers get steamrolled because they don't have the practice/strategy to be good.  This update just ensures that you'll never see an archer do well again.