Cannot play wilds.io due to bugs (literally)

Lone Warrior 6 years ago updated by pooperton 6 years ago 3

Rezoner, I like wilds.io. But if I can't log in through patreon, and people can't play because of black screen, then I cannot play this game anymore. Please fix this soon, or I will have to "leave" because I just can't play.

Details: I get the error: json-invalid whenever I try to log in through Patreon. This has been happening for a month now, maybe longer.

Here is the error:

Image 3050

Image 3051


- Lone Warrior

Rezoner if you see this post fix this problem( and add the scythe) x)


Everyone who had problem with login using patreon try it now. Everything should working now.

I'm finally able to login with Patreon again. :)