Your comments

The claws are really op right now, I don't think a buff is necessary.

What don't you get about how that it is stupid to allow players to push rocks. It doesn't help. It's time consuming. The point of the game is to kill with weapons and skills. There is no skill in pushing rocks and pushing rocks is not a weapon because it won't help you. What don't you get that pushing rocks will never help and will be useless in the game.

But you don't get it. What is the point of pushing if you are going to be attacked. If you are attacked you will stop pushing. It is useless adding this function.

How is private rooms bad. You can play with friends and it won't count towards you rank. Plus you can hold tournaments and make your own rules.

What do you mean good idea to surprise people, your character has a pretty good vision and it is really slow. It won't change anything.

Acutally no you can't because those are only 4 weapons. You're trying to add like 3 more weapons which is a bit too much. And it is really easy to use weapons to kill someone with no sweat. Even if you are a noob, you can use them well.

Yes we need Private Servers.

That's completely useless than Rezoner. If it slow you can easily dodge it.

V2 you don't understand that a Berserker's speed is it's weapon. It won't have a defect as long as you just stay behind the grunt. Plus what if it doesn't have a block, that does give an advantage to a grunt but if a Berserker does get hit it can just leap back and go behind again to attack.

Let me tell you why you shouldn't add more weapons. If you add more weapons, the whole game will be based off of finding all the weapons to kill the other player. Even a noob with almost no experience can defeat a pro if the noobs get more weapons. Wilds Io will just be a game of luck instead a game of skill and competitiveness. It will be more boring and players should try to learn the game instead of finding weapons.