1 idea per week

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 61

One person can post one idea per week - so pick your best idea. This isn't realistic to implement even 1 idea per day. This is user feedback and support platform and these values are being downgraded by overwhelming amount of ideas that aren't even gaining votes.

Starting today - I will remove the idea if your last idea was posted less than 7 days ago.

Also please ensure the quality of your ideas - this is mechanics based game - not content driven game, I don't really need ideas for dragons, swords, gremlins, animals, whatever - I can type "monster" in google images too.


I wish I can vote this 100 times up!


Very good move. Now maybe people check post 2 times when want add some idea or bug.

Awesome! Im glad to know that peoples ACTUALLY worth it posts are gonna be recognized. Just a stupid question but bugs posts are still allowed right?


Good measure Rezoner now we will upload to top quality topics


Amen, thank you for taking action.

dev plz make a anti hater thing where the to vote is on your repliy becaus i have 1 negitive comment but neg 3 votes and now my ideas wont be seen because some scum went around disliking everyone elses thing


i support you bro


probably seva


Great!No more add boss spams!


but nobody came


a weapon that heal the allies, like a priest :P


+99 *-* yeez....


I just posted a proposition for the healing staff. Feel free to read:



I agree, I will make sure I follow this new rule


This limit is well-intended but too strict. I just posted an appeal for a reformation of this limitation.


Make it possible to get money easier, at the moment its so hard to earn money i spent about 3 days and only have 172 coins and ive put alot of time into this game


Lol this thumbs down. Someone have bad day or hate all community...


We need to keep bumping this post because people aren't listening and posting multiple low-quality ideas in quick succession.


i dont agree...ik u need to read and everything but the our ideas time must be at least 3 or 4 days(maybe well forget the idea we wanted)...i think ur gonna read all of them and have some free time:)


O icone de Som Sumiu no meu jogo. Aconteceu para mais alguém?


Get a new map for capture the flag




Sadly but i agree. Today and yesterday the amount of posts is so big...


Nice, and more productive, so that good ideas wont get lost in the ocean of unnecessary ones.


1 idea per week boys xD

Tribe flag in the fort \(^_^)/

Пожалуйста , добавьте веревку , чтобы связать человек


Well,Rezoner why cant you simply ask for help?

You cant develop this game by yourself...

You are updating this game for a year now(DONT STOP OR DIE)

Ask for HELP of OTHERS!

We dont want you to hurry up with updates,just take your time!

And we also know that you have a life too so no new updates soon ,but in

the end you will amaze us with new stuff !



plz make weapons cheaper and combat more fluid 

Omfg why did you bump this?

He's not going to listen to you if you just comment about it. You need to make an idea, and elaborate on it

Hah. That last part is pretty funny. 



I want to bring back CTF also for 1 week can u make it so you can hold infinite items or protable shack things that that player could carry around. make them have to craft it out of wood. Also u could make a timmed thing that the player that gets wood fro trees the fastest (in a seperate area) and the person with the most wood wins like 100 coins. Try to think of more but not done yet.


I think a really great idea would be that this game can be in the steam store so I can easily download the game and not have browser lag and stiff control. It would also be good to promote it to more people who may find it interesting to say the least. Not only will putting this game on steam help with small game problems but it will expand on what you can do with it. Thou I do see how this could hinder you if you needed to find the problem by using a browsers console. But I believe you'll find a easy solution to such a problem. Hope everyone reads and considers this as a possible idea that can seen in the amazing future. Thank for reading.

post it in ideas

Well i decided put my 1k comment under this post because adhering to this rule give you more chances to reach this amount of comments without ban. As always Regards Egze :)


ehmm, am I banned? Sorry but I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST.

No worries! I will beat Rezoner in amount of comments, you'll see!


how about disabling the add on the left corner


How about you stop commenting on old topics.



3. Brai

4. Dead Wolf

5. Unsummon

6. Ophelia
7. MisToDel

8. Venet




Will you put the nunchaku??

maybe we should add a rule about bumping

make attack potion (property: x2 attack. color: gray) 

I mean, good for you to bump it

But you're a newbie, and...

*cracks knuckles*

Don't spread your idea everywhere- If Rez likes it, he'll implement it. He's probably seen it

make custom maps

Make a post, don't say it here! Saying "make custom maps" on rezoner's old post about the 1 idea per week rule won't make him more likely to accept your idea

If you just told people what you just said in that paragraph in guidelines before they can post something their ideas would be much more constructive. I disagree with your idea to make it 1 per week because if you are only going to read the more popular ones then it's not as overwhelming. And after all the best thing to add to the game is what the players want. Just don't take anything here anyone says too seriously I think your game is wonderful and the combat mechanics is what sets it apart from other games. Ty for Wilds.io

idk who you speakin to bro, rezoner is long gone and with little chance to return