How do I login/register?

Login is as simple as picking one of login platform. Currently Facebook and Patreon are supported.

After login you should claim your name.

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Hello please help the button doesnt appear anywhere

Please make me a screenshot of the game menu

So you have to have a patreon to register?

No. You can register with facebook since two days.

there is no button for me and I have pop ups allowed

What do you mean? Can you post a screenshot from the menu?

You don't have Patreon and Facebook buttons?

the button doesn't appear anywhere

They mean there's no basic login button, you have to connect it with an account.

Oh. I am not going to add email/password - I can add more login platforms tho

No button at all.

No what button? Screenshot please :)

it does not state how to login


Add login with google

IT SAYSB TRIBE> wats thAT////?


i dont hve those

I'm supporting on patreon, but I don't have access to the berserker anymore, because before I had.

You just have to click the Patreon Button again and relog into your Patreon account. When you do that you will get your name back and your berserker will be available again. One love.

i am supporting facebook so i dont have to pay XD

i loged in as wrong email and i dont know how to logout

Como se joga e estando-se ao mesmo tempo logado?

I Don't have facebook how do I do?

Please answer me! support link: here

where register button?


nevermind i just did only read up

como puedo jugar

Aukcje internetowe dla Twojej strony!

how can i buy a stuff??? laptop 1920x1080

for some reason it won't let me sign up with email or patreon. the email just doesn't ever get sent.

I am having a problem when I try to register it will not send the confirmation email