Goblin Spawner Hut

King Voldoran 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 36

Goblins need a buff, how about a big hut! 

it spawns a goblins every 2 seconds destruction mechanics like the fort gate with tweaked health, when hut is broken a horde of goblins 10-20 come out as well as gold or mystery box respawns in a different place every time.


Seems good since having a few goblins attack you is boring.This would spice things up and make fight more interesting.+1.

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sounds good maybe put it in the corners of the map?

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nothing difficult and not bad at all



Interresting idea. But in my opinion small hill with hole can look better. I can always draw something like it, and Rez can put it somewhere. Also few yetis should moving around for better fights :)

That'd be nice.Goblins could hide in hole in the rocky hill with where mysterious eyes are and if approached,about 10 goblins or so would appear.

lol blow up the hole in the mountain with a grenade and a swarm comes out

Just like the bees from bee hive.

A goblin for 2 secs is a bit much,...after all there can be A lot OF goblins on the map at the same time....

I like the idea  , but i would change it to 5  secs

OH and i see that clash royale advertisement....

It won't be big of a deal if you'd have bunch of goblins,except the lag.


nice idea +1

I liked the ideas in the comments too

>When approaching, a swarm of goblins gets out to fight you

>When destroyed (grenade/mine) a bigger swarm appears and tries to kill you

the only problem is farming health orbs from it so maybe there could be special goblins that make fighting harder?(maybe red explosive goblins)

I like your idea, maybe goblins drop active mines


so annoying...

no offense, but i think this is a terrible idea. Like, say i just finished reking someone, and i hate it when a goblin (i actually call them macs, short for little mac, don't ask -.-) comes out of nowhere and kills you. It's allso really annoying when 1 kills u when ur running away from a pack of angry browns with 245 bones.

if its a terrible idea then why dont you -1 it HUH?

because i dont know how to do that.


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