Make Seal and Ukryty Moderators

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The deserve it

No I don't.Just as much as getting well soon.I have my skills and strenght,I don't need anything else.


Accept it, you and Ukryty will be great

No no no,I'll be shitty.It's like putting a Stalin and Hirohito in charge.


They were in charge and almost took over the world

And ppl suffered that way.


You know you want it

I know I don't want it.


Then we'll have to force it on you :/

Don't try me...Just stop this.



Yes let's get the word out because this is needed. Have you seen the forums lately? Littered so badly that my trash can is cleaner than this place

He's being sarcastic my dude...

Plz spare us this AT LEAST...


No, please be king of this place

No,it'l be lead to chaos,bottomless pit turning everyone to dark side..I don't want that..


It's Rezoner's decision anyway.

Rezoner will be back at Christmas. Wait until then.


.-. I know that, he just said that at my post...


Don't let this post die!

Also, why all the downvotes?? :(

The fact that I just realized you seem fishy...alt account of Seal? .-. All this relevancy of Seal and Ukryty...and you pop out of nowhere talking about them with a fresh account.

What is this...The skepticism is high.


XD I agree with you

I finished my homework ._.

And yes, very fishy. You just joined Wilds.io and now are spamming posts and knowing everything

Why would you think I would do that,especialynow that I poisoned forum and I personaly don't want to be moderator,especialy in my condition.

You ever think of that?!


Well, obviously, if I made a post about it.

Not as... exotic as you describe however

I only know that it's not me and that guy is fool thinking like that since it's lost cause doing all this and spending energy on this stuff that won't change a single shit.


This will change


No.  We dont need anymore player mods.  We just need egz to be a mod


Well It isn't Seals alt acc ,since he doesn't know the gmail n stuff so you have no proof,framing

Seal or Ukryty is just stupid...

Seal doesn't act that way

even if god told him to do it.... 

informing you if he does have a alt acc,I even checked his gmail account and there is only 1 :v

I don't know about Ukryty though...

Well, I can't make an alt account because I was all the time logged in to forum and I just forgot how to make an account... I can't stop laughing at myself xD


I'm glad you realize I'm not your alt


Do you know the difference of the act of framing and what speculation is? Go search it up, both words have similar concepts, but they are TOTALLY different. Assuming is not into play here, self explanatory.

Also, can you not type in fully-sized bold words, cause it takes up a crapton of space, and it's annoying asf. I'm not blind lmao.


Pls don't speculate. It hurts my feelings

Just logged on, after quite some time just to like this comment. Bravo!

Uross :3 Welcome back. Gladly i prefer you moving around forum with small distance. It’s not that funny and good place as some time ago :/

its not that funny becouse seva is gone   :'(

Is this the legendary Uros?

Legendary? LEGENDARY?!

I was friends with a Serbian legend?


Never mess with Balkan people.

I Talk in big letters since nobody reads comments and thats thw way for somone to read it xdd

did you know

heading font is used for a HEADING? AMAZING RIGHT?

and did you also know


by the way, its not seals alt, pretty obvious. might be ukrytys though


What did they do to deserve it?

Make a moderator that people consider them a trollers...




ukryty as a mod? no thanx


I know, thanks