Grey domination

Nemisis 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

While playing in the fort mode the population of grey is too much.The only thing that can be done is balancing bot group separation  i.e equal number of bots on the both teams.Since the population of grey is too much it is damn hard to play.



thats true and everyone goes to the most powerful team so they dont die. you might end up fighting 20 players at once


That's weird, because I always try to get on the weaker team so that I have more people to kill, especially if the king is on that team.

That's what I usually do. This needs to be rebalanced, players shouldn't be able to join the team that has the most players in.

Well I did the same thing that day.


Its a good thing for me. I love challenges

well this is nothing to the none teams, also try to get with your color to have less people to fight alone

Guys I accept what everybody are trying to tell me.I will take this a challenge and move on.Thanks for your advice.