New building ; The Totem

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 6 years ago 11

I made a post yesterday, but I'll do another today.
I find the empty areas of the map extremely bland because they are a big waste of space, and the name of the map being "ruins", I think the ruins themselves should be more prevalent. In addition, I created a new structure for the map, the totem. I think most people know what a totem is, but there is a photo.

I thought it was so, but all made of stone and uncolored. On top of that, there would be a ruby, if that ruby was shining, you could hit the totem, so he would throw some item, a mysterious box, coins or throw arrows at you. The ruby would shine again in 20 seconds.

I also think that the totem could be surrounded by small stones, like those on the first map.

I wanted the ogre to destroy the totem, but it would not make sense for a stone building to be rebuilt for wood, and it would not make any sense to go back alone.

so basically a mistery box? +1

+1 (Just cuz there's a "ruby" involved| lol jk)

1 idea per week, but let's forget about this rule for a while. This topic is nice after previous one.

Nice, so +1. but maybe not a totem, but monolith or obelisk?

My pencil is ready xD

And maybe  totem can give some kind of boost, speed boost for example? You can build it using wood and enemies can destroy it and rebuild as different totem which give boost only to this team.

NO! Absolutely no, this would be a magic dream for runners, so totem would be hella OP.

good additions, I think it would be possible to put everything together and form something very interesting

Yes, a fort placed on storage what is placed on fort flag which lies on totem what is on campfire. Matrioszka!(read "matryoshka")