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What's the Idea, Here? 

I have an idea for a new type of scoreboard that could be placed right over the wiki help site on the sidebar. It could be labeled with a picture of a line graph going up, and when you hover your cursor over it, it says "TRACKING". This scoreboard is all about you, and records some the things you've done in the game.

 What's on it?

  There can be an avalanche of things on it! I'll give 10 ideas. It's a lot so I'll underline what I feel strongly about. Here's what I got:

1. The number of ogres, goblins, and yetis you defeated

2. How much gold you've collected & spent 

3. Bones, arena points, soccer points 

4. players killed 

5. How many times you've been killed 

6. Potions and/or items used (you can do each item and/or potion separately or cram them into one big number) 

7. How many comments you've typed in the chat 

8. Miles you have walked 

9. Total damage given 

10. A line graph showing the rate at which you play the game OR just a number of the total hours spent playing the game. 

How Will This Help The Game? 

I think this scoreboard will encourage players to, well, play even more. It gives the player more of a purpose to play the game. The player will want to try and get a big number so he/she can show it off. This will boost gameplay. 

Share what you think about this topic, and feel free to add anything you think should be in the scoreboard. Seriously, go crazy if you want. I won't judge.

I've been waiting for a better execution for this idea. So, it's basically stats and such about the players. Yeah, this could be implemented in, and this would slightly boost gameplay experience. What I'm most interested about in this tracking system is "Miles you have walked", because this would have a high number on my part, since I always use up all my stamina. +1 For this execution of this idea.

P.S: I think we should also add a K/D ratio, which would be separated from your kills and deaths. And we should have the total amount of time the player has played. (Would that be hard to implement?)

This data hasn't been recorded, so if implemented everyone would start at zero... But I like #3; having a way to check my arena rank without going into the queue or saying "bue" in the chat would be nice. +1 from me

youd be surprised what these games record...theres nothing stopping the devs from collecting whatever they want

Oh I'd like to know how much time I've wasted on this game.