Sever Locations

Sheepie 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 9

Just wondering...

Which state is the us sever located...

Which country is the eu sever located...

Where dafuq is the Asia/Australia sever located...

just wondering lol.  Need to find where i can get the lowest ping so i can kill everyone B)

hardly anyone is in AS so I'd say either US if you're in Canada, or the US, and EU if you speak Spanish lol

There are some players in the morning but most will be in school.

Due to time zone differences, there is usually a lot of people in the AS server, and the fact that a majority of the players can't handle the lag in the AS server.

I think that the Asians server is located in Taiwan since I see a lot of Taiwan players there.

For North America server, I think near New York city.

For Eu, I think it's in Turkey.

I'm pretty sure EU is France

USA it's north of Texas? In NY I get 14 ping...

Asia, no need to worry my dude

no no. It's on the eastern seaboard. If I'm getting 8 in Jersey...

Surprisingly, the ping I get in each server is 20-50.

Rarely, I get 110-200 ping in either of the 3 servers, but I literally get no lag ;v

for us im at 9-12 in maryland

AHAA That means it must be located in the armpit of the world.