Ban Request: You

Mild Mannered Pate 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 26

Well . . . . he's one step ahead of us . . 


Well actually i’m in 99% sure, this person is someone who is less or more known in community. And i’m pretty sure, i know also who is this :)

What are you waiting for?!  TELL US OR DIIE

Ho ho ho, I'm sure most of us know who 'you' is. All we need is the presumed culprit is to swallow his/her pride and accept "total-hypocrisy".

This is based on speculation, though

Any evidence?

Is this jashin? lol

No, I am not J4sh1n

Egz lol I got an idea too on who this person is but idk if that's him... _/(`<`)\_

Ban me, I don't mind. Just make Seal and Ukryty moderators, please


Why, fucking WHY. Don't. You. See. We. Are. Most. Hated. People. Here. ?!.


Just cuz' Ukryty turned me to dark side of forum,that's further proof why should NOT be moderators.I understand a fan's admires and wishes upon their goals,but what suggested is ridiculous.

are you an emo or some shit seal?

Nope,well dark.Those things aren't same thing,ya' know.


Jashin how fucking dare you type : emo or some shit 

Its very dark and depressed emo or some shit

you better watch yourself, "very kvek"

lmao its so d4rk i cnt see clear

Cut it out lana.I'm just dark,not an emo or depressed,so it's none of your concerns.Just knock it off already and watch for yourself.


Usually dark people don’t talk too much, and when i watching you, strongly i feel you only think you are dark person. Actually you never told it before and it looks like a good way for you to explain your behavior, and kind of defence which you use for  avoid some hate on forum. When Are you saying „i’m dark person” you want show, you are mysterious and in some ways different from others. But actually in 99% i can say, you are not this kind of person and after short thinking, you can confirm my words.


This is why we need you for a mod. 

;-; I talk a lot just because I'm lonely...and the fact that my persona is all around the place...(I do not use my excuse of "deep-depression" to win arguments or for defenses)

You haven't seen anything yet,just my outline of what you think and are concerned of me.But you won't truly understand my core.Btw I don't mind anyone's psychological response as long as they don't judge someone by it's shell,it's inner core that matters.And your thoughtful,yet inacurate response to me by not judging me from the inside,aswell as concern in my act truly makes you perfect for moderator,for real,man.Just be careful what you think only about someone's cover.Other than that,we're cool..


Of course i can’t judge you because i never saw you, but collecting informations on forum i can explain someone behavior here. And during my observations i noticed, your behavior is different than from older times, what of course must have reason. Also when you add more comments,  it’s easier to check someone behavior on such place as forum. And you added nice amount of them. I’m not judging you, but still checking forum i can say, HERE you are not dark person. As i told before, for me it’s some reason why your behavior is now different, than in most time which you was on forum. Just my observations...

Well everyone has different reaction and approach so I don't mind your observation,bro.I'm just sayin'.


You two aren't the most hated. It is just that we look down on you two because we do not expect any constructive comments coming from you two. Look at your most recent activities. Have they in any way tried to improve the game? No. I feel like that because we do not expect much from you two, we hold you on lower and lower standards. Now stop being unproductive and try to improve the game.

I already said that,jeez.And don't pretend we're not most hated.In fact,I don't care if I'm hated both here and in real life,I just want to help game and I was fool by spammin this.Well I can't deny that and I'll try to fix at least something,as I said.

I know who this'You' is,I just got a idea from egz's comment lmao but i have no proof over it xD