Seal and Ukryty A Mild Mannered Marriage <3

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Seal and Ukryty, two very mature men who know no bounds when it comes to helping the community, are helping each other, and finally realizing their love.

Lets take a moment to appreciate these two, for giving us the most well thought out responses in a topic that ASSAULTED THEM D:>.   How dare us have oppinions!  When only they deserve opinions. 

I stand here today to unite them in the grand ceremony of marriage as they have to united us as a community, because I've never seen so many comments on a topic happen so fast.  It was really a moving moment and our shared feelings towards these two have driven us all together in a great understanding that we all lack something these two have . . logic.

[10 sarcastic paragraphs later]

Ukryty and Seal, I pronounce you husband and husband.   Thank you for showing us the error of our ways.  

Brought to you by ABC [Anti Bow Confederation]  "Where the bow is the new low"

You son of a..Arghh,why you even ship us two?!Am I not suffering enough,though I can't feel pain,but still,what the crap?!?!?!

You just like when I come in state of wishing to spill someone's intestines like a stew,don't ya'?!I'll pronounce you and yourself for marriage so you get the worst from being married.

Leave Seal alone, he is hurting

Why you standed up for some guy who turned to dark side of the forum?

Why not?

I don't want you to turn to dark side of the forum like I did.But it's nice to see at least someone caring.

Let me join the dark side too

No,I don't want you to suffer.

Make me

You surely have balls to do it,so I accept.Tommorow,5am



lol, Etheric, what happened to posting this to the other irrelevant shit, shittopics, and troll stuffs.   I feel so SPECIAL to have drawn your attention

can i marry you pate

anyway, im sorry seal for assaulting you, you deserve mod as compensation

I don't think he's gay. But yes, he should be mod, and Ukryty

He's being sarcastic..

Yes Seal is the mod we don't deserve J4sh1n, and sorry I already have someone

Are you fricking serious?!?!?!?

I don't buy that crap...you guys can't be for real..

sorry for shit comment but 

XDDDDDDDDD what is this conversation even about?

,-, Can this community like chill on profiling one another? I mean, hell we can already see the mistakes of each other every single day, not like we have to blurt the shit out lmao.

That's what I said but WW3 happened in matter of seconds...

i laughed so hard at this post but it doesn't mean its right
this is a forum bro .-.
only post posts that are about wilds please


I'm only joining the crowd, there isn't much more to talk about since the game isn't moving forward, and the post is suppose to be funny and satirical :D glad you like it


The game is moving forward, but not everyone see it. Take this example - slowly we as community, even without Rezoner and mods, are able to clear the forum from spam. Next example - if you are on discord, maybe you know i’m all the time working with sprites for wilds. I’m reworking all walls which tytanowy posted, because he didn’t send it to us as sprites, and also i’m improving current sprites (shadows, etc). When Rez finish game, all this things can be updated, what grant you big update after Rez break. Also Rezoner get from me speciall message yesterday, about broken kick. It’s possible this will be fixed very soon.

As you can see game is moving forward, but in shadows. Ik it’s hard just ask you all again for more patience, but it’s really close to moment when in wilds we can expect very big changes.


I see . . . I will try to work with your polite demand for patients . . . I guess we owe him that much.  Thank you for the talk and staying with this forum through hte darkest of times, you've probably observed the worst and best in us, and . . probably the reason we need you as mod.  Thanks . . for telling me he is fixing kick . . that's all I ever wanted from all this forum bullshit I went through.   I love this game . . . and I don't care if this game updates yearly or every day either.   I just want to be left with something good and to be remembered and almost exploit proof.   Because all I can ever think about is old wilds . . 

Finaly we agree with something.Just as Pate,I don't care for update count in some amount of time,just spending time here,being remembered,I don't care if it's for my good contributing topics or those shittcomments though.Just for something that shows that I was here for the whole game.

And nostalgia strikes me aswell as other ppl here.


NEWS: Ukryty has been brought away from ABC! Mild Mannered Pate decided to troll Seal and Ukryty to make sure, that nobody will look at him when he is marrying BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP!


In other news ukryty made a post about pate marrying sheep because hes salty.

"Pain, Without Love." ~Three Days Grace

Fuck yea,Three Days Grace,man.

..ok... Congrats...I don't have a wedding gift, though... :/

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