Stop This Drama

OnderaZ 5 months ago • updated by Celebrimbor 5 months ago 24

there are many dramatic kids on the forum making posts like "the wilds died" or "rezoner quit the game", we're really sad about it, so do not have to keep yelling the obvious in our ears, at least not in my.

I really did not want to get involved in this, but I'm already tired of this nonsense in the echo, you're not helping. Do not get confused, I do not mean everyone.

I hope he will come back, but it's very possible Rezoner will not come back to this forum because he will keep doing new feature to wanderers.io after finishing this game and he has also his family, so we should wait for him... about months.

he had a life before marrying too

besides that the Wilds.io game was pretty ok when he left so we cant even think about him leaving this project forever since its quite successful 

well...........hmmm...Rez has a life now, so we should respect that. A lot of people on the forum don't have that. If Rez doesn't want to come back, that is his choice, his alone. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed he will. :)

Depends really on how wanderers.io does.

He didnt have a life earlier?

He must've had a life...How did he make this without one?

Respect his time, respect his passion.


It's not about sense!! It's about FEAR, RESPECT and INTIMIDATION!

Good, quote, but who said anything about sense?

OnderZ, your avatar is sooooo CUTE :)

why are there so many hypocrites on this forum

this is the worst worded post I have ever seen, hands down.

thanks for this drawing it's better than this post kek

I'm tired of those idiots who do dramatic posts and no utilities.
Do not tell me this publication is one of them, because it is not.
not completely

If everything will be good, soon we will make some new updates in wilds. I was talking with Rezoner about it. More hope and patience people ;]

Yay! That's good news