Training Room for Bow

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We know that there is the proper room to practice in the game, but it uses bots, which are not good at training with the bow.
I thought a new training room could be added, but specifically for bow. In the room there would be several targets that would move constantly, there could be ways in which the targets revolve around the player and others that they move randomly. The coaching would start easy, and over time would make it harder and harder. It is clear that the movement mode of the targets could be controlled by the player, just as he could also jump and repeat the firing matches.

Very Interesting idea and i like it.

i like the idea too, +1

+1 Yup. Good for newbies that started out with a bow.

+1. It's important to learn how to "schoot".

The bots should just be reproggramed to kick back arrows and block them too


So the firenation is asking for ways to train a cancerous play style?   Learn melee, get gud, and stop ruining this game


...That's basically saying that you can't bring a bow to a medieval battle, or you can't bring a musket to the American Revolution...The point of using a "range" weapon is to have the upper advantage (Unless you suck at aiming ;v) I'm neutral about any weapon user, but this does not make sense. Also, "get gud".

P.S. Running is a "strategy" in the open field.


Are you calling this game historically accurate?  Because last time I checked, mage staffs aren't really a thing.   Also in terms of strategy, games and real life are different, because rolling isn't a strategy in the open field, and 'get good' is open for interpretation, which you lack imagination to have.   

But the point of the bow is it ruins the flow of combat in a game that used to be much better.   Melee combat, is dynamic and fun, while bows are boring and bring the same damn strategies to the table.   It's all about the 'rank' and the 'bones' now a days . . . . no one really cares about FUN anymore.   I really see the bow as a troll weapon for that reason, as it only brings fun for the user!

PS: While you guys are running around totting bows, remember new players in this game rely on other players to train them and teach them, even if it is indirect, by shooting at them you're not teaching people what counters what, you're just being a lazy assholes

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I'm not trying to call this game "historically accurate", heck why would it be since there's fantasy in it. Rolling is, and of course, a really bad strategy in the open field (Unless you wanna dodge something, but gets hit anyway by a weapon due to extremely slow rolls). Kick's, though are a "strategy", and this is self explanatory.  

There's literally "points" in the damn game for the bow to be even used. (Set aside your hate for the bow, cause that's a different story). Why do you think there's platforms on the palisades? Bro, there's even a kick to counter a damn bowshot. 

Yes, melee combat is fun and pumps the adrenaline for some people...but what about the people who like to go range? I mean, logically they could be terrible in the melee "field" and that they want to gain the upper advantage in a "fight", and if no one could counter a single bowshot or a roll in the game, that WOULD cause annoyance to some people. Mostly, I would say "get gud" cause you ( seriously need to practice countering some bow patterns and strategies. (I ain't a range user, but I am "pretty" good in countering ;P)

And about that "running", we have items to deal with that. Running may be a cowardly move, but it is a "strategy" (EVEN IN THE REAL WORLD FOR SOME SITUATIONS) for people who want to last longer. 

The kick is "broken" in a way that makes the bow op...solution: Mirage, grappling rope or hook, and a haste potion ;/

"FUN" for you and everyone may not be gained in the same way we all see, some want to be tyrannical and cause havoc in the servers...some want to be friendly, some actually want to "capture and rule" the fort, and some want to take part in the leaderboard. Getting a high "rank" and bones all makes some of us happy, because we all want to feel accomplished, and yes, the game is full of "competitive" people now, but usually the rookies somehow stay in the EU servers. MOST of us, "competitive people" reside in the AS/AUS or US server...(Unless the "social hierarchy" groups rule over each server).

As in your perspective, the bow is considered to you as a "troll" weapon...heck I can just grab an axe and a mine and most of us will consider that as a"troll" weapon. And of course, getting hit by a "hit and run" bow user can be aggravating, but most of us aren't lazy to come up with creative ways.

And for the newbies in the game as stated in your P.S, some newbies have their own ways of teaching themselves, and some want to be taught. There is no tutorial in this damn game, and most newbies will "dodge" the fact that there are actually teachers in this game. And mostly, most newbies will end up teaching themselves, or asking fellow players for literal advice. 

Most importantly, we should all consider each of our perspectives and such, as now this forum and the game is in its "post-apocalyptic" stage (Until Rez does the works). You do have great "defense" points in your paragraphs, though. ;p

But, in everyone's hope, wait for Rez, he'll do something "soon". Let him decide what will be going down (With our help ;v), and let him live his passion as a game dev.

P.S: I'm not going to mic drop in this one, as this argument is completely "bland". And also, no one is "perfect" in countering a range weapon if you use a melee weapon.


1st point:  Yes kick does counter a damn bow shot, but you see block>kick has its delays and kick still has it's issues since rezoners failure to fix a goddamn thing costed us a valuable move. because if the kick is off angle BOOM you take damage (also fits in with people going behind and throwing weapons while you are down)

2nd point: You think i don't know how to counter a bow?   Oh and thanks for being hypocritical and using the same phrase you 'didn't understand'.  I know well enough to where I can hold my own until 2 catch me in fort mode, but i'm more pissed about arena mode, where every PIECE of damage counts.  Like Seriously, some maps are even made for the bow to just run around and shoot, like the ravine one and trust me, since bows already have the upper hand on range, that really cuts countering options by half, and a skilled bow user can usually get through a well timed roll or shield bash, but what would I know, it's not like I played this game for 2 years or anything.

3rd point: So Arena/Browars . . . last time I checked they didn't have items??   You really know how to set yourself for failure don't you!  


4th point: YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT'S BEEN SINCE SOMEONE'S DONE THAT!!!! XD    FUCKING 2016!!!  I will give you props for least remembering, but you're still a bow peasant.  And creative ways?   Oh you can take the high ground, oh . .you can hide behind the fort without a care in the world OH you could jump around and shoot people with your hand held medieval SKS that with the right practice can shoot like a monster.

5th point:  Also running around spinning bows promotes bows which promotes cancers to all the newbs who want to be something in the game.   And I promote their growth BY EATING THEIR SOULS AND BUEING AS I WALK AWAY.

6th point:  Rez is ignoring the big problems, just yesterday he banned someone who had dick in their name, but missed all of the important topics?   Get over it, he's done with wilds, he won't fix the major problems ESPECIALLY when bows was something that has great praise from the people who don't have the sense to go to some top down shooter io game.  He's ABANDONED us, and our hopes, and WILL NOT, I say . . . WILL NOT respond to constructive critism.  I mean, there has been an out cry for broken kicks to be fixed but LOOK AT US NOW?!  Where is your precious 'game developer'.  I honestly used to like him, I saw him in games and went crazy like he was a celeb, BUT HE HAS GONE TOO FAR.

In Conclusion: your failure to recognize arena/browars where we are bloody RANKED is a personal failure of yours, the bow is taken up and abused who want to play this game easy, and games like these were meant to be aggressive, but when something breaks the norm . . something that is practically ruining our game in mostly ranked matches, and making fort mode boring.  It has to be brought up, and without a doubt the bow is a destructive weapon that will continue to break the initial idea of this game, an idea broken by Rezoner himself.   But seriously, the odds are slanted in favor for them, and even if you know how to counter, they can counter right back easily BECAUSE they have the space, and the time to think, us melee people don't.  And this is the point to where I say this game is turning into a top down shooter, where wilds is one of the only REAL fun melee io games out there, you can continue to deny the bow its infamy but I can tell you, I'm far from the only one who is wronged, just ask all the bow users who have high ranks, and are always king from the same, boring routines.

It has to stop.   I at least want the bow out of arena, and I'd be 100% happy.   And one question to you, why do you defend this?

Sorry for a late reply (Was busy) ;p

Now, you should really re-name your "points" into "Paragraph Responses", because I had a hard time finding out which you are referring to (It would be easier for me lmao)

1st Point Response:

The kick is "broken" and the delays, aren't much of a problem to a handful people with good reflexes (Highly unlikely), and yes, it is still a huge impact on combat. Close-Range ain't a problem, Far-Range, still manageable, and simple for newcomers and experts alike. Solution?: Shield, Dash, Run-Jump (Obviously), and TRY to KICK in the right direction.

2nd and 3rd Point Response:

Let's set aside the fort gamemode (As the arena gamemode is your problem now). Now, I do like your point on how the bows DO have an upper advantage in far-range maps because of how the kick is ruined. Yes, that is an issue, and we can't use items in the arena or browars. (I think you have misunderstood, I meant items for fort gamemode, not for arena or browars). This problem is still manageable, fight "fire with fire", or, just have timed attacks. I should also consider that you didn't play for 2 years, unlike me.(I've registered into the forums late due to problems)

Hone your skills...IT IS MANAGEABLE.

(Also, please point out on how I am a "hypocrite" and how "I didn't understand".)

4th Point Response:

Now, I had a hard time understandong the first part (Due to the lack of specification), but people still do the axe-mine strat, and also about the "creative ways". The point of doing those is to survive in the fort mode. Heck, there are items to counter that...(This may seem 'cancerous' to people), but manageable. Also, I'm not even sure what the "bow peasant" insult is supposed to mean. (A bow supporter? Nah, I'm neutral. A person who's cancerous with a bow? Nah, I will only use melee weapons. A person who sucks using a bow? Eh, I'm not that good with a bow, but I do have great aim.)

5th Point Response:

...Seriously? Why do you think the newbies have team members and able to hide in a fort (ONLY IF THEY JOIN A TEAM). In my perspective, I don't see newbies turning to cancer or cancerous when they keep getting killed with a bow. THEY LEARN FROM IT SLOWLY. Lmao, we already had people complaining about the sword long ago, now the bow? ;/

6th Point Response (Oh boy...):

Hmm...I wonder why Rez isn't doing any 'useful' things. Perhaps time management problems? Working on other important things? Finishing easier tasks first? Or, is it the fact he's tired of us blabbering our souls on the same ass topic with the same ass 'defenses'. And he hasn't ABANDONED us yet. He want's to finish things that will bring good shit to him, and what about wilds.io...? Wild.io is pretty good and stable enough, it's just that how ALL of us act in ONE SIMPLE PROBLEM thats MANAGEABLE. Some of just give up all hope for this game and Rez. Rez may made a mistake on leaving the problem rise to great "heights", but I'm sure he knows what's going on. He's just spectating us go to war, whilst he's doing something else that's actually important.

(Conclusion v. Conclusion)

I do recognize that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE matter in the game is on the RANKED field. ...MOST of the top players (Not including Rhyme lmao) don't use a bow... The bow may be a nuisance for the LOW ranks, but not for HIGH ranks. The main problem is that NEWBIES and SOME OF US need proper training and other crap to counter this while adapting to a broken kick. It's not that hard lmao. 

Intital idea of this game?: Hack n' slash. The bow (No one cares about the ice staff anymore) may not reach up to these "standards", but it's cool and great to atleast have ranged weapons. Most people care about the gameplay of the game, not the initial idea. And while the gameplay of this .io indie game looks "choppy" due to the bugs and broken crap, most of us cope with it.

...Not sure what to even say anymore, other than the fact you failed to keep adapting with the "temporary" state of the game. EVERYTHING IS MANAGEABLE, IF SOME OF US CAN COPE WITH IT, WHY NOT YOU GUYS? Self explanatory.

P.S: Care and consider the possibilities about the newbies and the future "kings", look at the bright side. Also, game dev's will work on MORE IMPORTANT STUFF rather than things that aren't that vital, and have simple solutions. (Look at the Dark Soul's franchise and other games, many game dev's finish first completing a game rather than working on a 'small' problem)

P.P.S: Feel free to point out some mistakes and other things (This 'thesis' was done in a rush)


I just think bow needs a Nerf, but I am a biased bow user ;)

Gonna make this quick because on discord I could probably easily obliterate you.

1st point: You basically called bow use simple and supported me, thank you :D!

2-3rd point: Fight fire with fire?  Nah, I'm not a cheap cunt.Stop, bringing skill into this, if you really want to put that as a variable, than talk to me on discord, I will set up something, and kick your ass.

4th point: If you were neutral you'd get the fuck out.

5th point: They see the bow is OP and buy it, then turn into dicks because they can run and gun.

6th point: Ya because giving kick back would be SUCH a hassle to such a BUSY man like rez.

Conclusion: You must be laughing at your own up hill battle, because so far your points are dragged out.

Not sure what to even say anymore, other than the fact you failed to keep adapting with the "temporary" state of the game. EVERYTHING IS MANAGEABLE, IF SOME OF US CAN COPE WITH IT, WHY NOT YOU GUYS? 

Because if there is an obvious problem is in your face, in a game that you love, you point it out.  I've coped this far, but the kick is my breaking point.

PS: This is the last I respond to this, you got more shit to say?  Go on discord. I'd be glad to beat you mentally and in-game.   Hope the answers weren't too long.

Damn, you went that far...

But meh, as you said "stated" within your words: "Last Response".

how about you learn long range and then see who's complaining


Everyone who wants bows banned will HATE this :l


most people who hate the bow really only get angry that most archers in the game are good and constantly kill them, but I'm sure that if they let go of their pride and tried to use the bow, they would regret their words previous


Also, the so-called "honor" that so many bow haters speak of is not in the game, as it's just a game to have fun and you're not going to "foul your name" or get stoned by using the bow.

You should be, because it's a Melee orientated game from the start and yes you are right, honor isn't something that is in the game, it's something created by a dedicated community who work on bettering themselves and having fun, but what would you know? 

Ofcourse all the people with cat pictures are the dickhole weeblings who use bows to troll and hog all the fun for themselves. (honestly what is the fun in running and spamming click)

I use a bow 25% of my time, idiot. Maybe you should consider getting one,

'dickhole '(<---that's not a word)

of course you're going to pick up every little detail.  Also I have one, but I have the mercy on such a game and the sense not to use it.   Because melee is fun and even when playing with a bow I feel like a dick-hole weeb like you :3. 

You guys are bringing in your personal hate for bow into this idea. He wants a special training room for bow and that's all. Let him have it. Personally I don't like bow and would like to see it nerfed, but this idea doesn't need to be involved with all of that.

This is ridiculous already.
It's okay to brainstorm and expose our ideas, but at no point I insult anyone and I do not see why you need to do this. Besides, you're telling me honor is a good thing to play, for I tell you it was really the one that brought us to this post-apocalyptic environment in the echo.

You sure know how to start a forum war...xD BTW your avatar is sooooo CUTE :)

Actually the lack of honor from bow users is what brought this all up, they are obviously abusing the broken kick and archers tend to be trolls anyway like Fefay, True Hero, etc the list goes on and on.   Point is, people know the bow is a dick weapon, and use it anyway?   It's not exactly game honor but it's common sense that people want to ignore for their own amusement, bones, and ranks.

Wait. What honor?

YeeeeI feel good he didn't say 'ferret lord' :)

Honor is not a bad thing to have. It's basically just good morals and knowing what to do and what not. If you have "honor" as so many put it, you just try your hardest not to be seen as a jerk

The bow is great.
End of story, I no longer want to debate because of multiple pixels on my computer screen