Graveyard update.

A R C A N I N E 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 20

We all know Graveyard. Well, we did. Sadly, it is now mostly dead. BUT I suggest a new update. To start a game, it only requires 8 people. Or 7, 3 shadows, 4 humans. If more people see a a game that has enough people to start, they will feel more inclined to join.

If you don't like graveyard, don't hate.

I think it should always be running like 2 people then the game starts 

BTW rip reply button -_-

That would be soooo short. No compatition. <---I can't spell. 1 human and 1 ghost.

And I het when you play with pros who spawn-trap the noob shadows.

*hate. JEEZ. I can not spell -_-

but still it would like never be 1 v1 cuz it would bring players attention 




the only reason A R C A N I N E plays wilds.io 

The real reason is: GIVE ME DAH BONESES!!!

would u say for a living u steal people's bones by killing them 

watching them become a ghost

then killing them again 

in a endless cycle 


what u do with the bones tho 

LOL just kidding. They go to my tribe, so I can be on the public tribe map.

I have only 11000

actually, it's 13000+

Yeah it's kinda dead. Need's something new.

R.I.P. Graveyard. How ironic.