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I was eating a cookie and it's a picture of some woman shitting in someone else's face. Now I can't eat this cookie...this isn't a joke either. I mean click it if you wanna see that stuff but Jesus Christ please put more of a warning. Yes he should be banned but add more of a disclaimer jeez.


my eyes are bleeding thanks for telling people


also dont click on rip wilds.io post and scroll down in comments


Why i can’t delete it right now... fk


Egzekutor can't execute

Nah, Egzekutor, you again lost your axe? Do you tried to remind where you drop it?

thanks man, i clicked on that and then saw your post.. you da best

uh thanks for notifying me, I almost clicked it until I saw this post

I do not intend to see anything like that.

I was also eating a cookie ._. I also do not intend on choking on mine if it was that horrific.

If you were telling the truth about that post, I mean.

it is a picture of a woman shitting on another woman's face. I don't think you wanna see it as it wasn't a very solid shit either.

This place is literally in chaos right now, I think I'll be taking a break off of the forums and chill while all this gets sorta fixed smh.

Have fun with this crumbling cliff everyone. :l

Just don't look at anything Bob and VeGene posts. He sucks. He's a loser. He's an immature jerk who doesn't know where to put all the shit he has to say.

But don't argue with him.

You can't argue with an idiot.


this is hilarious
this dude posts scat porn looking for a reaction and what do you guys give him? a reaction
honestly ive seen a lot worse
why am i still here i said id leave damn it

dont leave buddy

Sigh. You're so immature like you've never seen shit before. Jeez. Stop Overreacting. A ban topic is enough so leave it be.

Yea he should be banned, but not everyone is used to seeing shit like that, and even if you're used to it, you wouldn't want to see it would you? If you aren't going to add a proper disclaimer don't get mad when people aren't exactly ecstatic to see someone getting shit on. And I was eating too m8. Definitely something I wouldn't want to see regardless of your intentions.


Just kill me please

I don't know why I went to this topic to see this picture, when I'm writing this, I puked to my toilet twice. Third puke incoming :(

i went on that post fully aware of what I would see. Hardly didnt puke

guys, if you didnt see that yet im telling you:DONT

im sure youre thinking "yeah its probably gross asfuck but im curious so why not?" Just dont!!

its not worth it. youre probably going to puke, even if youre strong as hell