Poison Arrow; New Item

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How about a poison arrow? It would be a stackable item in your inventory and only archers could collect it. If you hit a person with this arrow, you would lose, perhaps, 0.5 life every second. It could take 10 or 15 seconds, what do you think?

I did a very small and simple demonstration.

Image 2702

The quality is bad, but that's it =/


0.5 damage x 10 sec = 5 damage
0.5 damage x 15 sec = 7.5 damage
you need to reconsider your stats
and this has been suggested before
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Hey, thats my line! =3=

nobody hates you, its just the fact that youre being harsh towards Seals without any substantial reason

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I think it was such a topic here already about new types of arrows. Am I right?

How about no arrows?  There are enough shoot em up .io games as it is

bow is already deserving of a nerf



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"Hit and run meta" self explanatory

idea is ok but needs balancing

0.5 dmg per sec for 10 secs is whaaaay too much, maybe 0.25 per sec for 10 seconds

also the effect should be stopable with a health potion (not orbs)

BTW WTF are these stats of poison arrow damage, you fucking kidding me?! Even Jashin noticed how much OP is this weapon, my version is like this: It deals 0.5 damage every 5 seconds until you don't use healing potion or you keep camping on burning campfire forever and deals 1 damage on hit.

are you trying to say something? spit it out


I do not think they should evaluate the whole post on top of a statistic, the very idea is good, right? You have taken the trouble to re-evaluate the statistics, so you should disregard the whole idea because of a stretch
I'm not complaining, just arguing

Why do you want  ones in the pixel game?

Why is the bow so hated?

hey arcanine its i suck poop lol

Bow is good/ OP enough. We don't need new arrows.

bow is not op dude... claws are op and i have them